Diabetic Neuropathy Therapy

Diabetic Neuropathy is a form of nerve damage that can develop in people with diabetes. Its symptoms can include tingling, burning or numbness of the feet and legs. The symptoms of Diabetic Neuropathy are mild for some, but for others the effects can be painful, disabling, or even fatal. At MOTION PT Group, our skilled therapists are here to evaluate, care, and treat many different forms of Diabetic Neuropathy. Our goal is to get you back to your everyday routine, free of pain or worry.

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Signs and effects of Diabetic Neuropathy are:

  • Tingling, Burning or Numbness in the Toes and Gradually Spreading Proximally
  • Sharp, Jabbing or Electric Shock-Like Pain Intensifying at Night
  • Loss of Balance and Coordination
  • Muscle Weakness and Difficulty Walking
  • Skin Breakdown Ultimately Leading to Infections, Ulcers and Gangrene

Diabetic Neuropathy Services

  • Anodyne┬« Infrared Light Therapy
  • Manual Therapy and Massage
  • Exercise Therapy
  • Balance and Gait Training

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