Vestibular Rehabilitation

Have you recently been experiencing vertigo or dizziness? Have you fallen recently or had difficulty walking or maintaining your balance? These symptoms may be caused by dysfunction of your vestibular system, located in your inner ears.

The vestibular system is the sensory system responsible for processing information involved with balance, spatial orientation, and eye movements. Vestibular disorders can develop if there is damage to the system from disease, injury, genetics, or other causes.

Balance rehabilitation is an exercise-based treatment program used to reduce dizziness and treat vestibular disorders. During your first appointment at MOTION PT, a physical therapist will evaluate your condition, identify any problem areas, and develop a personalized treatment plan in hope of reducing dizziness and improving quality of life. Research has shown vestibular rehabilitation therapy can be effective in combating these disorders and reducing symptoms related to these disorders.

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Conditions We Treat

  • Spinning or Dizziness (Vertigo)
  • Periods of Lightheadedness
  • Feelings of Faintness (Syncope)
  • Problems with Eye-Head Coordination
  • Pool Balance

Vestibular Services

  • Sensory Motor Training
  • Visual Exercises
  • Benign Paroxysmal Positional Vertigo (Bppv) Maneuvers and Repositioning
  • Habituation Exercises
  • Cardiovascular and Total Body Strengthening Exercise
  • Home Exercise Programs
  • Patient and Family Education

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