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Monroe is a physical therapy clinic with one mission: to get you back to normal fast, with less pain and lasting results. It’s conveniently located on Route 17M in Monroe, NY. We offer our patients a back pain specialist in Monroe, thanks to our physical therapy services.

Our team of therapists develop personalized treatments and follow evidence-based protocols that lead to the best possible results. We’ll help you feel better, so you can get back to what moves you.

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What Does A Back Specialist Do?

back pain specialist in monroeYour back and spine act as a structure of support for the rest of your body. Though many may not realize it, these areas play an active role in almost all types of movement. That is why when you experience back pain or other issues, completing once mundane tasks can start to feel next to impossible. Our team at MOTION does not want to see our patients try to suffer through back pain on their own. When your back pain has become too much for you to handle, our back pain specialist in Monroe will be there to help nurse you back to full health!

As the name would suggest, a back specialist focuses on helping patients overcome a variety of back-related ailments. Our back pain specialist in Monroe is very well versed in the treatment methods necessary to relieve both back and neck pain. When you decided to work with our team for the care, you should not doubt that your condition will be improved without issue. Examples of what we will provide patients who receive our back care with are listed below:
Muscle balancing.
Manual therapy techniques.
Postural education.
Postoperative care.

Injuries And Conditions Treated

When it comes to back and neck pain, a large range of issues could be the culprit. At MOTION, our back pain specialist in Monroe has years of experience treating the most common ones. By leaving some of these issues to linger, it can lead to devastating complications, and in some cases, permanent damage. That is why when you become affected by any of the below, you should not hesitate to reach out to our team for help:
Herniated discs.
Cracked vertebra.
Spinal stenosis.
Muscle strains.
Muscle spasms.
Ligament sprains.
Postoperative pain.

How Our Back Pain Specialist In Monroe Will Help

Just like there are many different causes of back pain, there are also many different means of treating it. Our back pain specialist in Monroe has spent years honing the craft of treating back pain and has multiple options at their disposal. After making a full assessment of your injury, the treatment option that works best in your specific case will be utilized. Examples of what treatments may be used include:
Pain modulation techniques.
Joint manipulation therapy.
Manual therapy.
Manual traction.
Manual muscle stretching.
Exercise therapy.
Soft tissue therapy.
Heat/cold therapy.

Playing An Active Role In Recovery

In most cases regarding back pain, the patient is at the mercy of their medical professional when it comes to healing. However, one of the main benefits of working with our back pain specialist in Monroe is that they allow you to play an active role in recovery. As part of the comprehensive treatment plan that is created for you, our team will teach you a variety of therapeutic exercises that will help strengthen your back and alleviate some if not all of your pain. Exercises that can be beneficial to your recovery will be discussed during your appointment.

Schroth Method

Sometimes back pain does not come as the result of an injury, but rather from postural issues. One of the major causes of poor posture is scoliosis, a condition that causes the spine to grow in a curved fashion. While some instances of scoliosis are minor, others result in pain and discomfort due to the spine growing out incorrectly. To combat this, the Schroth method was created. This exercise program was designed to de-rotate, elongate, and stabilize the spine without the need for bracing or surgery. If you or a loved one is suffering from scoliosis, our back pain specialist in Monroe can administer the Schroth method to help you achieve the results you need. In addition to correcting the spinal curve issues, other benefits you may receive include:
Improved posture.
Reduction of pain.
Increased core stability and strength.
Better pelvic alignment.

The Benefits Of Choosing MOTION

Patients dealing with back pain need to make smart, informed choices about where to receive treatment. A subpar rehabilitation experience can lead to lingering pain and complications that are difficult to overcome. That is why when you’re looking for treatment, the search should end with us here at MOTION. Our staff is comprised of the most well-educated specialists whose main goal is to facilitate lasting, meaningful treatment. When you allow our back pain specialist in Monroe to administer treatment, the benefits to be had are listed below:
Regained strength in the injured area.
Recovered range of motion.
Increased flexibility.
Diminished risk of re-injury.
Less invasive/complication filled than surgical operations.
Elimination of pain without addictive pain medication.

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Back pain is undoubtedly debilitating, but by no means does it need to last. To eliminate your pain and restore your quality of life, our staff at MOTION offers a plethora of treatment options that will be beneficial to anyone who walks through our door. Our mission is to keep you moving, and our back pain specialist in Monroe will help to do just that. To schedule an appointment, or to learn more about our back pain services, contact us today. By coming in for a few sessions with us, we promise you’ll start seeing the results you’ve been looking for.