Sustaining an injury that requires surgery to correct can be detrimental to one’s quality of life. While you may have tried other options for treatment, sometimes there is no escaping the need to go under the knife. Whenever an operation is required, physical therapy should never be far behind. At MOTION PT Group, we understand how important this rehab method is when making trying to make a full recovery. That is why we offer the best physical therapy in Brooklyn for all of our patients. If you’ve recently been through a surgery, make sure to stop by one of our offices for your next phase of treatment.

What Is The Purpose Of Physical Therapy?
After undergoing surgery, physical therapy will play a vital role in making a full recovery. At MOTION PT Group, our main goal is to help all of our patients return to their previous levels of motion before the injury. By choosing us to provide the best physical therapy in Brooklyn, we’ll help it seem like your injury never happened.

Physical Therapy After Surgery
For some injuries, surgery is a required form of treatment to make an optimal recovery. A surgeon will be able to repair the damaged parts of your body to allow for the healing to begin. Once the initial period of resting after surgery has taken place, it will be time to receive physical therapy. By working with us here at MOTION PT Group, we’ll be able to achieve the following:

Increase Your Range Of Motion: Following your surgery, your muscles and joints may be tighter than usual. Scar tissue may also have begun to form around the area of operation. These two factors can make it painful and difficult to move. When choosing to receive the best physical therapy in Brooklyn, you’ll be taught a variety of stretches and range of motion exercises to break down the scar tissue and regain the flexibility of your muscles and joints, making it easy to move again.

Regain Lost Strength: From the time you first sustained the injury to the moment the operation has finished, the affected area will undoubtedly have been zapped of at least some of its strength. To help correct this issue, our physical therapist will teach you a comprehensive regimen of strength-based exercises. Regaining your strength will make movements easier, and reduce the risk of re-injury down the line.

Improve Your Stability: Improving your muscle and joint stability is another crucial part of the recovery process. If the injured areas cannot get back to their previous levels of stability and offer the necessary support required for movement, you’ll find yourself constantly in pain. Our staff at MOTION PT Group are experts in this area and will make sure optimal levels of stability are achieved.

More Than Just Exercises
A major portion of your physical therapy program will involve some form of exercises of stretches. Physical activity will play a major role in returning your strength and motion capabilities to their pre-injury levels. However, our physical therapists will also utilize other methods for rehabilitation. These methods will work in tandem with the physical activities, leading to an optimized recovery. Such methods can include:

Ultrasounds to promote increased blood flow to the tendons, muscles, and other tissues.
Electrical stimulation to reduce pain in the affected areas.
Ice and heat therapy to manage swelling and pain.

At MOTION PT Group, our staff is committed to providing the best physical therapy in Brooklyn to all of our patients. We know the decision to undergo surgery can be a difficult one. With all the complications that can arise, you’ll want a quality team in your corner to ensure you make a full recovery. Contact us today and put your rehabilitation in our hands!