MOTION Services

in Brooklyn, New York

At MOTION, we help New Yorkers get back to what moves them, whether that’s dance classes in Ditmas Park or basketball in Brooklyn Heights. Our four Brooklyn locations assist patients with a variety of different mobility issues ranging from balance and coordination to movement and occupational challenges. Find the right service for your needs and contact a MOTION location near you.

At MOTION locations in Brooklyn, we offer:

Physical Therapy

Physical therapy at MOTION Brooklyn locations involves a variety of different techniques carried out by a licensed physical therapist. Patients turn to physical therapy to recover from injuries, improve their athletic performance, and recover from movement-related medical challenges. Physical therapy techniques can help patients with issues including concussions, posture, injury recovery, age-related issues, neurological conditions, pelvic floor complications, and more. Each MOTION physical therapy treatment plan is fully customized to meet patient needs, whether you’re meeting in-person or via telehealth.

Team member engaging in telehealth services


Can’t make it to a MOTION location in-person for your therapy? We are proud to offer telehealth services to clients via our MOTION on the GO program, where you can access our therapists via virtual visits. As part of MOTION on the GO, you benefit from secure messaging with your therapist and the same personalized treatment you would receive during an in-person visit. All of our Brooklyn MOTION locations offer telehealth services.

Work Injury Management

When you’re injured on the job, it can be difficult to figure out how to return to normal. Luckily, our MOTION therapists are specially trained to help patients understand and manage work-related movement challenges. We know you want to return to work, so we create customized treatment plans to create a roadmap for recovery and guide you each step of the way. Since work-related injuries often require additional documentation and verification, we also provide detailed records of our treatment for employers, insurers, and other involved parties.

Team member attending to patient's foot

Hand & Upper Extremity Center

Injuries to your hands, wrists, shoulders, and elbows can dramatically impact your life. At MOTION, our Brooklyn-based therapy teams understand how fractures, sprains, and stress injuries can make life at work and home more complicated. We’ll help you every step of the way to improve your mobility, ease your pain, and increase your range of motion through careful, incremental therapy. If your injury requires more advanced care, we’re also proud to provide custom splinting services and specialized recovery after surgical operations.

Occupational Therapy

Individuals with disabilities or in recovery from injury deserve to live full and independent lives. That’s why our Brooklyn therapists provide personalized occupational therapy services to patients who need assistance with their everyday routines. From the activities of daily living to the ability to learn and go to school, we work closely with our patients to master the skills they need to thrive. If you or a loved one have physical limitations that impact your lives, we encourage you to speak to a MOTION therapist here in Brooklyn.

Pediatric Therapy

Working with young patients here in Brooklyn brings us joy. Our pediatric physical therapy specialists help infants, children, and young adults in the borough learn how to understand and manage movement-related challenges. From balance and coordination to motor skills complications, we’re here to help children live as independently as possible so they can focus on other aspects of their lives.

Brooklyn Heights

27 Smith Street 5th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11201
Phone: (718) 488-0001
Fax: (718) 488-0127

Ditmas Park

1818 Newkirk Avenue Lobby D
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: (718) 859-2626
Fax: (718) 421-5391

Lefferts Gardens

672 Parkside Avenue
4th Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11226
Phone: (718) 282-7800
Fax: (718) 679-9455


44 Lee Avenue 2nd Floor
Brooklyn, NY 11211
Phone: (718) 963-0882
Fax: (718) 679-9384