Here’s how it works and what you’ll achieve …

A slow and steady build-up of patients. We build up your workload over weeks and weeks. You won’t feel overwhelmed, and it’s a perfect opportunity to harness your craft. On average, our therapists enjoy the opportunity to spend 40 minutes or more delivering the highest quality individual care with their patients.

One-on-one mentoring. For no less than six months. Every week you meet with your mentor and get real-time advice. From there, you co-treat with your mentor and work side-by-side with the professionals. The best way to learn is by their side.

Learn more with “Best Practices” education sessions. Once a month, our advance clinicians give real-world advice on all things PT and OT. Your clinical team will also meet in person for hands-on-training. Sharpen your talents and expand your team building skills.

A hands-on boot camp. It doesn’t get better than this. For our newer grads, this is a chance to practice hands-on placement, pressure and accuracy for patients. Test alongside our clinical experts with decades of experience. It’s a popular program that helps skyrocket your career.

Train and shadow. MOTION PT® has ties with many of the industry’s most renowned leaders. We encourage you to take advantage of many on-and- off-site opportunities. We have specialty fields like hand therapy, pediatrics and women’s health. You can observe and train in those areas. We also offer opportunities to work closely with our referring physicians in their offices and observing surgery.

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