Exercising In the Cold

man exercising outside in the cold

Just because it’s cold outside doesn’t mean you can’t exercise outdoors. Working out in the winter can be invigorating and challenging.

Here are some tips to make exercising outside during the winter safe and enjoyable:

  1. Dress in layers. While it can be tempting to wear your warmest clothes when heading outside, you will heat up as you move, so bring layers that are easy to take off and store as you warm up. The air can feel 10-20 degrees warmer when you’re running, so you may not need as many clothes as you think you do.
  2. Don’t forget your extremities. Remember to wear extra warm socks and bring gloves and a hat if you’ll be outside for long. A lot of heat escapes through your limbs and head so it’s important to cover up to stay warm. You can always take these off easily if you start to overheat.
  3. Make sure you can be seen. We all know there’s less daylight during winter, but that also makes it harder to be seen. Watch for cars and consider going without headphones so you can hear traffic. Wear bright colors and consider adding a light or reflective gear to make sure cars can see you coming if you’re walking or running in the streets.
  4. Watch for ice. Unless you have spikes on your shoes, stay off of icy ground and only run or walk on streets that have been salted and plowed while it’s snowing. Check the weather ahead of time so you don’t get caught in an unexpected storm.
  5. Remember the basics. Just as you would when exercising in warmer temperatures, remember to apply sunscreen to any exposed skin and hydrate while you work out. Sunburn and dehydration can strike even in the winter.

No matter how you choose to move this winter, be safe and have fun, and get in touch if you need help getting back in MOTION.