Physical therapy in Somerville can treat your foot pain!

April 2021 is national foot health awareness month (implemented by the Wellness Council of America) and MOTION PT Group is happily making patients aware of certain healthcare measures that can be used to help keep your feet healthy! Maintaining foot health can lead to an abundance of benefits, especially for athletes and runners who are constantly on their feet. With the helpful tips listed in this article, we’re hoping to increase your awareness when it comes to foot health. For patients who are interested in pursuing physical therapy near Somerville, please click here for more information regarding our Brighton location in your area. Otherwise, continue reading for some useful information regarding the health of your feet!

Helpful Tips:

You can engage in the following actions for helping to keep your feet healthy this April for foot health awareness month:

  • Proper Footwear: Although it sounds simple, many of us are not consciously aware of the shoes and socks that are having a negative impact on our feet. Remember, wear shoes that allow adequate room/space so that you’re not clenching your toes together. Failing to do so can result in complications such as ingrown toenails and other foot-related issues.
    • Flip flops and other flats can be a problem as they typically don’t provide enough arch support. We understand that this may be difficult with summer right around the corner, but keep this in mind regardless!
  • Staying Warm: More of an issue during the wintertime, but leaving your feet unclothed can make them cold and numb. Prevent this by wearing warm, wool socks and refraining from going barefoot, even in the house.
  • Toenail Trimming: It’s rather easy for us to become complacent and neglect to take the time to properly trim our toenails. However, this is another potential catalyst for developing ingrown toenails. Make sure you’re trimming at the correct length and doing so within a healthy time-frame. You’ll need to trim straight across in order to prevent the nail from digging into the sides of your toes.
  • Daily Inspection: We certainly believe that it doesn’t hurt to offer up a daily inspection of your toes/feet to see if anything has cropped up. Keep a sharp eye out for cuts, blisters, sores, or any swelling. By staying on top of any complications, your treatment could become a much smoother process with early detection.
  • Apply Moisturizer: Your feet tend to be an easily susceptible part of your body for dryness and cracking. Instead of ignoring the problem, get yourself some moisturizer and apply it after exiting the shower every morning. Refrain from moisturizing in-between your toes as this can lead to infection.
  • Identifying Pain (and Receiving Treatment): Should you be enduring significant, long-lasting pain throughout certain areas of the foot; there could be a larger issue at hand. Commonly, patients cite heel pain as being a primary complication that stimulates radiating discomfort throughout the foot. Should you undergo heel spur surgery and require care afterward, physical therapy near Somerville at our Brighton location could benefit you long-term.

This April, for foot health awareness month, don’t take your foot pain lightly! MOTION Brighton is here to provide patients with physical therapy near Somerville for expert care and advice. Becoming consciously aware of our feet and their current health can only make your quality of life that much better! With proper foot health, we can see improvements in our athletic ability, comfort, and other benefits. Keep the tips from this article in mind should you be searching for methods to keep your feet healthy. Remember, your feet are the engines that keep you moving, don’t allow them to suffer! For other healthcare related treatments and specialized care, please contact MOTION today for assistance!