What Types Of Injuries Are Treated During Hand Therapy?
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The hand is such an intricate structure in the body. With so many pieces working together to allow for movement, even the smallest of issues can quickly become detrimental to one’s quality of life. When you suffer a hand injury, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than the best form of care. At MOTION, we can provide you with just that. By administering hand therapy, our team can correct the problem in your hand and return it to its previous functionality levels.

What Is Hand Therapy?

Hand therapy is a form of treatment specifically tailored to treat issues within the hand. It incorporates aspects of both physical therapy and occupational therapy to help restore function in the damaged area. Various therapeutic aspects make up hand therapy, and you can trust that the right ones will be used by our team to optimize the healing process.

What Can Hand Therapy Be Used For?

One of the things that make hand therapy so beneficial is the wide range of issues it can help with. There is no one specific injury or ailment that puts you in need of this form of treatment. If you hurt your hand, hand therapy will likely be an option for you no matter how the pain started. Our team may recommend this form of treatment for any of the below scenarios:

  • Pre/post-surgical care.
  • Chronic conditions, such as arthritis.
  • When neurological disorders, such as a stroke, limit the functionality of the hand.
  • Simple and complex hand injuries.

Common Hand Injuries Treated

As previously stated, you don’t necessarily have to suffer from a hand injury to benefit from hand therapy sessions. However, this form of treatment is exceptionally beneficial to those who have hurt themselves. And due to this treatment’s nature, many different types of injuries can be treated with it. When dealing with the following, consider giving our team a call for help:

  • Finger and thumb sprains.
  • Wrist sprains.
  • Finger and thumb dislocations.
  • Bone fractures.
  • Bone bruises.
  • Soft tissue and closed tendon sprains.

The Benefits Of Hand Therapy

As previously stated, hand therapy is used to treat a wide range of problems. That is why our team at MOTION employs specialists who will offer this form of treatment to any patient in need. However, the range of problems it helps with is not the only benefit of hand therapy. By choosing to work with our team for this type of care, the benefits include the following:

  • Realignment of the bones and tissues of the hand.
  • Improved flexibility and range of motion.
  • Regained strength.
  • Restoration of functionality levels found previous to the development of the injury or condition.
  • Reduced sensitivity from nerve problems.

When To See A Hand Therapist

The sooner you begin treatment for a hand problem, the less likely you will suffer permanent damage from it. That is why it is so important to seek help from our team when you believe there is an issue. Should any of the following apply to you, hand therapy should be in your future:

  • Pain that interferes with your everyday life develops.
  • Parts of the hand are swollen.
  • There is a visible deformity of the hand.
  • You’ve been told you require surgery on the hand.
  • Your grip has weakened for unexplained reasons.

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Here at MOTION, our primary goal is to help patients return to their previous functionality levels after a health issue arises. When you find that your hand’s health has been compromised, our hand therapy services could be the answer you’re looking for. If you’d like more information on this topic or are looking for care now, please contact our team today to schedule your much-needed appointment.