Hands in MOTION Hand Therapy Residency Program

We want YOU for the MOTION Hand Therapy Residency Program

At the end of our 12-month program, you will be able to:

  • Complete a full evaluation and treatment plan for any upper extremity client
  • Discuss a variety of specialized topics, demonstrating advanced clinical knowledge in upper extremity rehabilitation
  • Present clinical cases to team members, demonstrating independent clinical problem-solving skills for upper extremity conditions

Months 1 – 6: Structured Coursework

Weekly didactic coursework with 2 one-hour long virtual meetings/lectures scheduled each week.

  • Topics will include both clinical and administrative content
  • Meetings are held virtually and on-site
  • Follow up with recommended readings, continuing education offerings with ASHT or on Medbridge

Months 6 – 12: Supported Learning and Clinical Experiences

  • Weekly 45-minute Hand Therapy “rounds” cohort seminar meetings with CHT Mentor/Facilitator
  • Weekly co-treat sessions with CHT Mentor/Facilitator/ Senior Clinician
  • Quarterly Hand Special Interest Group Journal Club Meeting
  • Other Opportunities:
    • Shadow with hand surgeon in their office
    • Schedule to observe surgery
    • Prepare presentations and lectures for boot camp sessions, journal clubs or best practice lectures
    • Write blog for MOTION hand therapy web page
    • Supervise Level 1 students


There will be a certificate awarded upon successful completion of the 12-month program.

This program will help prepare you for the CHT exam. MOTION hand therapists had a 100% pass rate in 2020!