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Harshil Patel, PT
Physical Therapist

Harshil Patel, PT, a dynamic and licensed Physical Therapist, brings a wealth of expertise to his practice, having graduated from Charusat University in Anand and now serving the vibrant community of New York. With a stellar three-year track record, Harshil excels in treating orthopedic, neurologic, geriatric, and sports-related injuries.

In the realm of outpatient clinics, Harshil’s approach is nothing short of transformative. His fusion of cutting-edge manual therapy, customized functional exercises, and innovative recreational programs has garnered stellar reviews from grateful patients.

Harshil’s on-field experience as a sport’s physical therapist in soccer, cricket, and tennis adds a dynamic dimension to his practice. Specializing in strength and endurance training, he places a premium on proper ergonomics and posture adjustments, ensuring a holistic approach to patient care.

Beyond the clinic doors, Harshil embodies a commitment to a life well-lived. He cherishes moments with family and friends, immerses himself in enlightening reads, and pursues fitness zealously. A lover of adventure, Harshil finds solace in travel and outdoor pursuits.

Harshil Patel passionately embraces the mantra that “health is the new wealth.” His mission extends beyond rehabilitation to empower patients toward optimal well-being, making him a catalyst for positive change in the pursuit of a healthier, richer life.