Physical Therapy in Bethel, CTWhat is a rotator cuff injury?

Muscular tears could potentially be serious injuries that may lead to an enormous amount of pain if left untreated. If you think you may have torn your rotator cuff, you may want to seek treatment. If you’re a patient who is searching for physical therapy in Bethel, CT, MOTION has a location near you in Danbury. Our staff can provide personalized treatment methods for helping shoulder injuries to heal. If left untreated, muscular tears like torn rotator cuffs may potentially get worse over time.

A torn rotator cuff is usually consider a common injury among athletes and physical laborers. A rotator cuff is a group of muscles and tendons located around the shoulder joint, and this wrapping holds the joint in place inside the shoulder socket. This allows for the arm to have large amounts of rotational and stretching mobility.

Who is at risk for a torn rotator cuff? 

If you participate in activities with a lot of rotational arm movement, this could potentially put you at risk for a rotator cuff tear. Naturally, this makes athletes such as pitchers in baseball potentially susceptible to injury risk. These tears may be caused by sudden impact or incident, but may also be caused by repetitive force or overuse. Many baseball pitchers and players likely suffer from tears due to the rotational nature of their throws. Additionally, many construction workers, movers, warehouse workers, and store stocking employees could fall victim to this injury due to constant overhead arm activity or heavy lifting. MOTION offers a wide variety of work injury management programs.

If you do not regularly engage in these activities, you’re likely at less of a risk but please consult with our physical therapy team if you have questions. Aging may weaken your muscles and tendons to a point where rotator cuff injuries can occur. Those who are genetically predispositioned to muscle weakness may also have some risk (but please consult with a doctor for further clarification). If you need physical therapy in Bethel, CT, MOTION has a location near you in Danbury that could help by offering treatment.

Treatment for a Torn Rotator Cuff

From our sports injury rehabilitation programs to our general wellbeing programs, there could be an option for you at MOTION. Due to the nature of a rotator cuff injury, your treatment will likely focus on helping you to regain your normal amount of movement and flexibility that you had prior to your injury in a way that is non-invasive and won’t inflict further injury onto the area.

Physical therapy may assist you in gently moving the muscles during the healing process, allowing for efficient retraining. Attempting these exercises on your own could result in further injury, but make sure you consult with a medical professional. Some athletes may only strengthen a few of the large muscles around the shoulder, and non-athletes could have very little shoulder strength built up. Physical therapy could instead target the smaller more important muscles around the shoulder to help to compensate for damaged tendons. Your personalized program may include exercises meant to improve your strength or posture as you re-learn to carry objects and get back your range of motion. MOTION offers additional sports rehabilitation services should you be an athlete requiring more in-depth strength training.

Need physical therapy in Bethel, CT? MOTION Danbury is right in your area, and we will do our best to aid your recovery. MOTION to get back in the game!