Improving Mobility Through Physical Therapy

man riding a bicycle outside

Physical therapy can improve your functional mobility and decrease the likelihood of injury caused by a slip and fall. If you’re interested in learning more about physical therapy, MOTION is here to help.

Fall Prevention

Falls are one of the primary causes of injury in adults over the age of 65. Falls can occur for many reasons. If you want to prevent injury, it’s important to be aware of protective measures you can take. Physical therapists can recommend methods for keeping you safe from falls. These methods include:

  • Home safety tips and protection, such as improved lighting and proper staircase safety.
  • Appropriate physical exercises that can help keep your body strong and increase your ability to maintain your balance.

Maintaining Mobility & Motion

At MOTION, we can help you maintain a healthy and balanced system. Being able to move freely and without pain can dramatically improve your quality of life and make ordinary tasks much easier. Movement and physical activity will help you stay strong and avoid weight gain and other long-term health complications. At MOTION, we can help you if you are experiencing joint pain or limited mobility. Our approach includes manual therapy and stretching techniques that can specifically target areas of the body that appear to be preventing you from moving properly. We can collaborate with you and tailor our methods to your unique needs.

Improving mobility through physical therapy will enhance your overall quality of life. If you are looking for physical therapy, contact MOTION and schedule an appointment at one of our convenient locations.