LSVT BIG: Now Available at MOTION

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When Bruce M. was first diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in the spring of 2020, he didn’t know what to think. He was worried he would have to shuffle around in baby steps forever and watch his condition continue to deteriorate.

After a few months of getting medications straightened out and coming to terms with the uncertainty of his condition, his Parkinson’s neurologist suggested LSVT BIG. He decided to try it – and that decision has made all the difference.

His coach, Jessica, tailored specific activities for him along with the LSVT BIG regime. She encouraged him to think differently – to think BIG. They worked on getting Bruce’s arms swinging when he walked and opening his gait.

Now one year after participating in LSVT BIG, he’s able to move more freely around the house and has improved his ability to stoop down and grab items – so much so that he’s actually looking forward to doing yard work again.

For Bruce M. and other MOTION patients, LSVT BIG has been a gamechanger.

What is LSVT BIG?

LSVT BIG is an innovative physical and occupational therapy approach that has helped Parkinson’s patients get back to what moves them. The program focuses specifically on the amplitude (size) of movements – a focus that helps counteract the small and slow movements that Parkinson’s patients experience. Research also suggests that patients suffering from brain injuries like stroke or accidents may also benefit.

At MOTION, we’re excited to offer this treatment protocol at many of our locations, where our staff is certified in the cutting-edge treatment; LSVT BIG should only be delivered by certified physical and occupational therapists.

The Benefits

Studies show that LSVT BIG can have a dramatic impact on a patient’s quality of life. Some of the documented benefits include:

  • Faster walking with bigger steps
  • Improved balance
  • Increased trunk rotation
  • Improvements in activities of daily living such as bed mobility
  • Improved UPDRS Motor Score

What to Expect

LSVT BIG follows a standardized protocol that can be adjusted or progressed based on disease severity and symptoms. It’s a high-effort intensive program consisting of four weeks of four 1-hour long sessions along with a home exercise component (daily on treatment days and twice daily on non-treatment days).

During LSVT BIG, participants can expect to:

  • learn seven maximal daily exercises to recalibrate amplitude
  • work on five functional component tasks such as writing or buttoning a shirt – whatever activities are meaningful or most challenging to the patient
  • practice BIG walking (big amplitude) to improve speed and balance

One of the advantages of LSVT BIG over other programs is its flexibility. Patients are able to choose between in-person sessions at one of our MOTION clinics or remote sessions via telehealth. Regardless of the setting, MOTION provides a consistent high-quality experience.

Getting Started

Whether you’re a patient seeking treatment or a doctor looking to refer your patient, MOTION can help. LSVT services are offered at the following clinics:


New York


Connie Pritchard physical therapist
Connie Pritchard, PT, DPT
Clinic Director, Physical Therapist
LSVT BIG® Certified Clinician


Jessica Rilee occupational therapist
Jessica J. Rilee, OTD, OTR/L
LSVT BIG® Certified Clinician


Cherry Ip occupational therapist at Motion PT
Cherry Ip, MS, OTR/L
Metropolitan Avenue and Astoria, NY

LSVT BIG® Certified Clinician


Michael Mancuso physical therapist
Michael Mancuso, PT, DPT
Forest Hills Queens Blvd, NY

LSVT BIG® Certified Clinician


Andrew Dill, PT, DPT
Norwalk, CT
LSVT BIG® Certified Clinician