MOTION @ Work:

Helping Your Employees Heal

As an employer, you want to make sure your workers are happy and healthy. Unfortunately, workplace accidents like falls and sprains can throw a wrench into those plans.

With MOTION @ Work, our team will help your employees get back on their feet after work-related injuries. MOTION offers a range of exclusive, corporate wellness programs and work injury management services to organizations of all sizes.

Our goal is simple: to help your employees heal, return to work without pain, and feel better than ever before.

What to Expect

Our leading therapy experts are skilled in a number of fields and specialties. Some of our MOTION @ Work offerings include:

  • Exercise TherapyAfter an initial assessment by our therapists, we’ll work with your employee to create an exercise program that will strengthen the injured area. These exercises will change depending on the injured body part, but the objective is always the same: optimal function and recovery.
  • Injury PreventionOur work doesn’t stop once an employee has recovered. To reduce the risk of reinjury, MOTION staff will educate your workers about joint protection, ergonomics and other important information for job-related tasks. This is especially important for workers who spend all day on their feet or who perform manual labor.
  • Pain ModulationTo treat pain from a workplace injury, our therapists will look at the body’s response to different pain-related stimulants. This analysis will help us better understand why your employee’s pain is occurring – and how we can resolve it.
  • Workplace ErgonomicsThis process can involve photos, in-person assessments of worksites, and video conference calls with measurements to get an accurate picture of the work environment and specific job demands. This plan will match the patients’ skills to be able to return to those job tasks.

Other services include:

On-Site Treatment and Education, Manual Therapy, Occupational Rehabilitation, Work Conditioning/Hardening.

To learn more about MOTION @ Work, call us at 347-745-0122.