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Physical therapy may not be part of the initial equation when you first develop an injury, but it can help people of all ages with certain medical conditions, injuries, and illnesses that restrict the ability to move and function. MOTION Physical Therapy in Milton can create a custom physical therapy program designed for specific needs that will help an individual get back to their previous functional level. Also, the practice can encourage different activities and changes in lifestyle to prevent injury in the future and enhance the health and well-being of every patient. Our clients often believe that surgery is the quickest and most effective way to treat their problem, but most primary care doctor’s first course of action is referring patients to physical therapy as it is the least invasive form of treatment.
With October being National Physical Therapy month, MOTION Physical Therapy in Milton wants to share the top ten benefits of visiting a physical therapist.

1. Pain Management. Most of us can agree that enduring chronic pain can be a very frustrating and unbearable experience, especially without a known cause. Physical Therapy offers therapeutic exercises and manual therapy techniques that restore muscle and joint function to relieve pain, at times preventing the pain from returning.

2. Avoid surgery. Physical therapy eliminates pain, aids in healing, and improves overall health, which can help avoid surgery. While in some cases surgery may be unavoidable, pre-surgery physical therapy can lead you to a speedy recovery after the surgery.

3. It improves movement, balance, and prevents falls. If you have difficulty walking or standing, physical therapy can help with stretching and strengthening exercises that aid in restoring movement abilities. Physical therapy can screen you for fall risk and if you are at high risk for a fall, physical therapy can provide you with exercises that mimic real-life situations to challenge your balance safely and carefully and improve overall coordination.

4. Stroke recovery. Suffering from a stroke can be as frightening as losing function and movement in certain places is common after a stroke. Physical Therapy aids in strengthening weak body parts and improve the ability to move to and from bed to reduce burden care of everyday activities.

5. Management of diabetes and vascular conditions. Physical Therapists can create individualized treatment plans to help you manage your diabetes and vascular problems. Blood sugar levels can be managed with exercise consisting of aerobic and weight strengthening exercises. Also, a physical therapist in Milton at MOTION can educate clients on proper foot care to prevent future sensation problems in feet and legs.

6. Age-related problem. As we age, health conditions arise such as arthritis or osteoporosis which result in knee, hip, or joint replacements. Physical Therapists aid clients after surgery recovery and arthritic and osteoporotic management in a conservative manner.

7. Sports Injury. Playing sports increases the risk of specific types of injuries. Physical Therapists understand the different injuries that could occur and can design an individualized treatment plan for recovery and injury prevention to ensure that you return to playing sports quickly and safely.

8. Avoid pain medication dependence. Pain medication can be highly addictive and is often needed after surgery to address long term pain problems. Physical Therapy is a safer alternative in reducing the use of pain medication and addressing post-surgery pain.

9. Heart and Lung disease management. After having a heart attack or procedure, patients often complete cardiac rehabilitation. If daily functioning is affected by a heart attack, physical therapy can help improve your condition. If you suffer from pulmonary problems, physical therapy in Milton at MOTION uses strengthening, conditioning, and breathing exercises to improve the quality of life.

10. Women’s Health. Every woman has specific health concerns, most common with pregnancy and post-partum. Physical Therapy offers treatments specialized in managing women’s related health issues.

If any of the above relates to you, or you have any questions regarding if Physical Therapy is right for you, schedule an appointment with MOTION Physical Therapy in Milton and we will answer all applicable questions and administer quality care.