Felix has experienced shoulder issues for many years. Since he was under 60 years old, he was reluctant to get a total shoulder replacement. However, nothing else has worked for him. Once he decided to go through with surgery, he wanted to do more than just recover. He wanted to challenge himself to be the athlete he once was. I suggested he try swimming as part of his post-surgery physical therapy, which led to the idea of doing a triathlon. His doctor said “go for it,“ and he did. We chose a race to do together and I trained him to swim. His determination motivated Felix to achieve all the necessary goals of his training at a rapid rate. Everything fell into place. When it was time to race, I did it with him! Helping my clients reach, or even exceed, their goals is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for trusting MOTION to help you get back to what MOVES you, Felix! – Tony Corso, Clinic Director at MOTION SPORTS MEDICINE. We invite you to share your MOTION story too, using the hashtag #MOTIONSuccess”

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