Physical Therapy After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Are you an athlete who has begun dealing with shoulder pain? Have you recently fallen on your shoulder and now find it challenging to perform overhead motions? If you’ve answered yes to either of these, the need for rotator cuff surgery may be in your future. Should this operation’s necessity be confirmed, physical therapy in Flatbush will be required for you to make a full recovery. Fortunately, our team at MOTION Sports Medicine is well versed in this area and will provide patients with the care they need.

Symptoms Of A Rotator Cuff Injury

Sometimes, rotator cuff injuries will not require the patient to receive surgery to make a full recovery. Physical therapy in Flatbush can be used to prevent the need for an operation in specific scenarios. However, not everyone is as lucky. Those who need this operation but wait to do so risk suffering from permanent damage in the area. That is why if you find yourself dealing with any of the below, treatment options should be discussed:

Shoulder weakness.
Immobility of the shoulder.
Pain that keeps you awake.
Pain when you lift your arm or try to reach behind your head.
Decreased range of motion.

When Rotator Cuff Surgery Is Necessary

Even when dealing with some of the previously listed symptoms, doctors may recommend avoiding undergoing rotator cuff surgery. Physical therapy in Flatbush can still be a viable option to help bring your shoulder back to full strength without needing to go under the knife. However, when any of the below apply to you, it is likely time for this operation to take place:

Shoulder weakness is affecting your everyday activities.
Pain has lasted for more than six months, even after utilizing other treatment methods.
You are an athlete looking to return to play as soon as possible.

Why Is Physical Therapy in Flatbush Necessary?

Patients who have been told that they need to undergo rotator cuff surgery may be wondering why physical therapy in Flatbush will also be required to help them make a full recovery. Here at MOTION Sports Medicine, our team has the answers for you. Immediately following the surgery, the shoulder will be swollen, weak, and unstable. If physical therapy is not administered, painful scar tissue can develop, leading to movement becoming difficult. This form of treatment also prevents the injury from healing incorrectly, which would render the operation you just underwent to be useless.

What Will Take Place During Physical Therapy?

To make the recovery process from rotator cuff surgery as efficient as possible, our team would like to inform patients of what to expect during their sessions of physical therapy in Flatbush. By doing so, patients will be better able to prepare for what’s to come. Depending on the severity of your condition and where you currently stand in the recovery process, you can expect any of the below to take place during each appointment:

Therapeutic stretches.
Strengthening exercises.
Range of motion exercises.
Massage or manual therapy.
Electronic muscle stimulation.
Heat and cold therapy.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Team

Doctors will be quick to tell patients the benefits of going through physical therapy. It helps with all types of issues, especially recovering from rotator cuff surgery. The benefits you’ll receive when coming to MOTION Sports Medicine for physical therapy in Flatbush include:

Elimination of pain and swelling.
Restoration of range of motion.
Improving your shoulder strength.
Limiting the chances of post-surgery complications.

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When you find that you need rotator cuff surgery, don’t hesitate to contact our MOTION Sports Medicine team. Our staff is well versed in applying physical therapy in Flatbush for situations like this. To begin the process of getting back to full strength, schedule an appointment with us today!