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Many people of all ages suffer from knee pain daily, as many as 10 million doctor visits a year are due to knee pain. Knee pain is a common issue and pain range from acute to chronic levels. Often knee pain can be treated with physical therapy at home with a good prognosis, while some often serious require knee surgery. At MOTION Physical Therapy in Carmel, our team of leading Physical Therapists will come up with the best treatment plan to eliminate your knee pain and get you feeling your absolute best.

The knee is a hinge joint that is connected by the tibia known as the shin and the femur which is the thigh. Four components that make up the knee are bones, cartilage, ligaments, and tendons. In front of the knee, you will find the kneecap called the patella. The knee allows an individual to sit, squat, jump, and run by allowing them to bend and straighten their leg using the ligaments that support the knee. Also, within the knee are two shock absorbers called a meniscus.

Trauma, strain, and injury that is repetitive cause knee pain to occur. Now and then knee pain could occur for no evident reason. The location of knee pain varies depending on the involved structure. The result of knee pain causes functional restrictions that include difficulty walking, exercising, climbing stairs, or getting up from sitting down.

Knee pain ranges from acute, sub-acute, and chronic types of pain. Determining the type of pain, you have is important to get you the best proper, diagnosis, and treatment. Physical Therapy in Carmel will work with you every step of the way to get you the proper diagnosis and treatment and get you to a speedy recovery.

Acute Pain: The most severe pain that occurs 1-7 days after injury. Before initiating any motion, you should allow the knee to rest and let injured structures heal.

Sub-Acute Pain: Starts 2-6 weeks after an injury occurs. To regain mobility, beginning gentle motion around the knee can help.

Chronic Pain: Lasts longer than 8-12 weeks. Chronic knee pain should be assessed by a healthcare provider.

Physical Therapy for Knee Pain, What to Expect:

Depending on the type and severity of knee pain you are experiencing, your general doctor may refer you to a physical therapist. During the first visit, ensuring proper diagnosis and proper management is important. A Physical Therapist will interview you for information about the problem history and past medical history. Using the Information collected during the interview, a more focused examination will be conducted.

Knee Pain Treatment and Exercises:

At MOTION Physical Therapy in Carmel, after a focused exam has been conducted, we will work with you to establish the correct form of treatment and plan. Being active and engaging in the program is an important aspect. You will be prescribed exercises that will help strengthen and improve the movement of the knee. Performing exercises at home are at times a requirement to help you recover. The main tool for treating your knee pain should be exercised.

Your Physical Therapist will provide you with a plan of how often you are required to perform each exercise and will monitor your progress every visit. Other treatments that may be performed during your visit include:

Pain Modulation Techniques
Electric Stimulation
Kinesiology taping
Heat/Cold Therapy
Soft tissue massage
Knee Joint mobilization

If you or anyone you know that is suffering from knee pain, do not hesitate to call and schedule an appointment with MOTION Physical Therapy in Carmel to let us help you treat, heal, and eliminate your knee pain.