Not only is Physical Therapy in Arnold a great way to gain strength and improve/recover your muscles back after an injury, but it is also a great way to prevent injury and even to help dissipate chronic pain problems in your everyday life to help get you back to feeling great fast. Physical therapy can also help with restoring your everyday physical functions such as flexibility, strength, balance, and coordination. Physical therapy for geriatric patients is executed through different steps to get them a specialized plan of workouts to help keep their motor skills working properly. Customarily, this treatment will start out with a massage, hydrotherapy, stretching, walking, and electrical stimulation to keep all the muscles moving and working the correct way. These exercises will be used regularly in the office/home visits to keep you happy and healthy. Also, lots of geriatric physical therapy patients take these measures regularly to prevent lots of pains, diseases, and many other conditions that come with the process of aging.

But Physical therapy in Arnold at MOTION also can treat specific conditions as well as diagnose conditions, for example, arthritis in the spine. Even if a patient doesn’t have symptoms, specific physical therapy exercises and therapies like aquatic exercises, electrical stimulation, and hot packs can help offset the case of this condition in the future and help provide your body with adequate pain relief and keep your body healthy. Another great Senior service we offer is fall prevention workouts and exercises. Due to the risks associated with this trauma, many adults fear the potential danger of falling and therefore refrain from engaging in social activity. Unfortunately, this can lower the overall quality of life, leading to an abundance of complications such as depression, physical decline, and even feelings of helplessness/weakness.

We offer our fall prevention and senior care services to help with your balance/coordination problems. At MOTION, we utilize a program named Trazer which is a workout with a helper around the office that helps improve your balance so you can regain your physical independence and help you walk without a cane and prevent those horrible painful falls. The reason why we care about Seniors and Coordination/Balance control is that 75% of senior injuries are fall-related and we want to help stop this problem, with fast simple and easy exercises with us here at MOTION physical therapy in Tampa, Florida. Fall injuries also cost reasons causing these fall injuries to consist of decreased vision, aging balanced system, and decreased strength. These decreases in bodily function can lead to the demise of the human body and can cause accidental injuries and falls which can seriously injure you, all because of a lack of physical activity.

Here at MOTION Physical Therapy in Arnold we have a wide variety of senior-focused therapies to choose from. These include memory care/treatment programs that help with improving the cognitive function of the brain, innovative technology, and functional modalities. These also help with bodily functions, ambulatory, gait, and mobility programs to help with walking and moving around while being a senior, strength and coordination programs to help improve muscle strength and moving precision, physical, occupational, and speech therapies to help with speaking and memory functions, balance and falls resolution programs to help with fall injuries, and also pain management services and more.

These are all ways to keep yourself happy and healthy with the help of our team here at MOTION Physical Therapy, and all you have to do is call now or visit our website to schedule an appointment today and find out what you need to get your life back on track today.