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MOTION PT Group is a network of clinics offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Here, we have one mission. To improve your mobility, help you feel better, and improve your quality of life.

With clinics throughout Georgia, New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts, our goal is to get you back to daily living with less pain and lasting results. Our team of licensed therapists develop personalized treatments and follow evidence-based practices that lead to the best possible results. Many of our therapists have advanced degrees, board certifications, and are trained in innovative techniques.

Whether it’s physical therapy, hand therapy, or sports medicine… we’ll help you feel better, so you can get back to what moves you.

In The News

MOTION named Official Physical Therapy Partner for Major League Rugby’s newest member

MOTION PT Group, a leading provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy, and Rugby United New York (RUNY) announced MOTION as a multi-year team sponsor and “Official Physical Therapy Partner” for RUNY, the newest member of Major League Rugby (MLR).

The partnership represents the first major sports sponsorship for MOTION in the U.S. and includes providing personalized physical therapy for RUNY players throughout their first three MLR seasons.

“It’s an honor to woPhysical Therapy in Decatur, Georgiark with Rugby United New York, one of the most promising new franchises in American sports,” said MOTION PT Group Chief Clinical Director Michael Fox. “It’s an exciting step parlaying our vast experience working with rugby in New York and with Men’s Eagles, the U.S. Men’s National Rugby Team.”

Fox worked with Xavier High School’s rugby team with fellow alumnus and RUNY head coach Mike Tolkin. Tolkin went on to serve as head coach of the New York Athletic Club’s Rugby Super League and the U.S. Men’s National Rugby Team, bringing Fox with him and solidifying their partnership.

“Coach Tolkin and I have been working together for almost 30 years,” Fox said. “The opportunity to now work with him and Major League Rugby in our own backyard is a real honor for our MOTION team.”

“I am ecstatic to take on the role of head physical therapist for RUNY and develop a support team of therapists to assist with coverage,” said MOTION Director of Sports Medicine Services Ethan Burger. “RUNY embodies New York and unity, and we will put forth our best efforts to keep the lads in one piece!”

MOTION therapists will provide onsite services to the RUNY players at all games and practices as well as at their flagship MOTION Sports Medicine facility in midtown Manhattan.

“We are proud to welcome MOTION as the official physical therapy partner of the RUNY team,” said James English, GM for Rugby United New York. “MOTION is an ideal partner, offering us clinical expertise in rugby fitness and injury prevention as well as access to cutting-edge sports rehabilitation technology and equipment.”

RUNY players have access to MOTION’s groundbreaking sports rehabilitation technology such as TRAZER®, with interactive testing and training programs, and AlterG®, an Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ allowing players to move without pain or interference to natural gait mechanics.

RUNY’s season runs through June, with the first home game on March 15 at MCU Park in Coney Island.

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MOTION Renames New York Clinics Under
MOTION Sports Medicine Brand

NEW YORK — MOTION, Inc., a leading provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy services in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, is expanding the MOTION Sports Medicine brand in New York State. The company will adopt the MOTION Sports Medicine brand at all of its New York locations.

MOTION has been rapidly expanding in New York by acquiring high quality, founder-owned physical and occupational therapy practices and is now building a common brand that New Yorkers will recognize as a top provider of Physical and Occupational Therapy services.

For more information visit www.motionptg.com

Recent Blog Posts From Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck

physical therapy near me for pregnancy

Customarily, pregnancy can lead to an abundance of discomfort for your body throughout the entirety of the process. In order to combat these difficulties, MOTION PT Group strongly recommends that you consider physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck to get your body feeling comfortable and ready to endure the effects of your pregnancy. Discomforts that tend to arise as a result of being pregnant can include ligament pain and random sensations of cramping. Thankfully, our group of physical therapists specializes in women’s health and incorporate various exercise routines and treatment methods to help ease your discomfort. These techniques can even be educated to the patient so that they may consider doing them on their own time, at home. For now, let us focus on common complaints we’ve encountered from our patients who have undergone pregnancy and required treatment:

Some common ailments that develop as a result of being pregnant can include the following:

  • Back Pain – Can be stimulated as a result of the body releasing a hormone that relaxes joints in the pelvic area, thus causing the ligaments in the spine to loosen and creating discomfort.
  • Cramping – Cramping is often triggered when the uterus expands, causing several of the ligaments and muscles that support it to stretch. As a result, this is when patients begin to feel the cramping sensations.
  • Constipation – Constipation may occur when the expanding uterus puts pressure on the intestines, often leading to discomfort for the patient.
  • Neck Pain – This is caused during pregnancy because of the amount of extra weight your body is forced to carry around. Unfortunately, this will likely throw your posture off and create discomfort in the areas around the neck.
  • Leg/Foot Pain – Pain in the lower extremities is also caused by the extra weight that you bear during your pregnancy. Added pressure to the knees and feet from the support can wear down your body and create discomfort.
  • Round Ligament Pain – Caused by the two rope-like cords of connective tissue that supports the uterus on each side. When a pregnant patient moves, it could cause this area to spasm painfully.

Treatment With Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck:

MOTION PT Group specializes in a variety of treatments for your specific needs when it comes to patients who are pregnant. Examples of some of the treatment plans that we incorporate for our patients can include some of the following:

  • Aquatic therapy.
  • Pelvic pain treatment.
  • Constipation treatment.
  • Lower back pain treatment.

Aquatic Therapy, is found to be beneficial for the child in addition to the patient. Pelvic and lower back pain physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck treatment is also known to strengthen the muscles in the pelvic and lower back area, helping to reduce or avoid stress incontinence after the pregnancy.

Pain prevention at home:

You may also be wondering the measures you should take at home for pain relief to make sure you are as comfortable as possible. We recommend that our patients engage in activities such as the following:

  • Hot/Cold massage – Can help with joint pain, and may ease soreness in muscles, tendons, and ligaments.
  • Maintain a consistent posture – Can help with decreasing the amount lower back/neck pain you experience from the overbearing weight.
  • Sleep on your side Helps with keeping the uterus off the liver, and can limit symptoms such as heartburn, shortness of breath, and back pain.
  • Include physical activity in your daily routine Helps keep your posture stable and may subside common discomforts such as backaches and fatigue.
  • Take pregnancy-safe probiotic Helps digestion and can help eliminate pregnancy constipation symptoms.

Potential Benefits of Pursuing Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck while pregnant:

  • Can assist the recovery process after the delivery has been made.
  • Increases physical endurance.
  • Increases muscle strength.
  • Can improve and treat symptoms of upper and lower level back pain.
  • Treats and decreases symptoms of neck pain and discomfort.
  • Helps improve and strengthen areas surrounding the hip, abdomen, and lower back.
  • During the actual childbirth, your body may be more physically prepared to handle the moment as a result of physical therapy training.

Physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck prior to childbirth is an essential technique to keep yourself happy, feeling positive, and healthy. In addition, it also brings with it a smoother pregnancy and birth and keeps your body active. MOTION PT Group is here to help with these pains and aches you may be experiencing, targeting them directly and getting you back into comfortable, healthy living. Our physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck will provide you with the care you need, and incorporate the treatment you are seeking specific, allowing you to relieve your pain and with little discomfort. Contact MOTION PT Group today and visit one of the various locations we have along the east coast!

Physical Therapy After Rotator Cuff Surgery

Are you an athlete who has begun dealing with shoulder pain? Have you recently fallen on your shoulder and now find it challenging to perform overhead motions? If you’ve answered yes to either of these, the need for rotator cuff surgery may be in your future. Should this operation’s necessity be confirmed, physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck will be required for you to make a full recovery. Fortunately, our team at MOTION Sports Medicine is well versed in this area and will provide patients with the care they need.

Symptoms Of A Rotator Cuff Injury

Sometimes, rotator cuff injuries will not require the patient to receive surgery to make a full recovery. Physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck can be used to prevent the need for an operation in specific scenarios. However, not everyone is as lucky. Those who need this operation but wait to do so risk suffering from permanent damage in the area. That is why if you find yourself dealing with any of the below, treatment options should be discussed:

Shoulder weakness.
Immobility of the shoulder.
Pain that keeps you awake.
Pain when you lift your arm or try to reach behind your head.
Decreased range of motion.

When Rotator Cuff Surgery Is Necessary

Even when dealing with some of the previously listed symptoms, doctors may recommend avoiding undergoing rotator cuff surgery. Physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck can still be a viable option to help bring your shoulder back to full strength without needing to go under the knife. However, when any of the below apply to you, it is likely time for this operation to take place:

Shoulder weakness is affecting your everyday activities.
Pain has lasted for more than six months, even after utilizing other treatment methods.
You are an athlete looking to return to play as soon as possible.

Why Is Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck Necessary?

Patients who have been told that they need to undergo rotator cuff surgery may be wondering why physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck will also be required to help them make a full recovery. Here at MOTION Sports Medicine, our team has the answers for you. Immediately following the surgery, the shoulder will be swollen, weak, and unstable. If physical therapy is not administered, painful scar tissue can develop, leading to movement becoming difficult. This form of treatment also prevents the injury from healing incorrectly, which would render the operation you just underwent to be useless.

What Will Take Place During Physical Therapy?

To make the recovery process from rotator cuff surgery as efficient as possible, our team would like to inform patients of what to expect during their sessions of physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck. By doing so, patients will be better able to prepare for what’s to come. Depending on the severity of your condition and where you currently stand in the recovery process, you can expect any of the below to take place during each appointment:

Therapeutic stretches.
Massage or manual therapy.
Electronic muscle stimulation.
Heat and cold therapy.

The Benefits Of Working With Our Team

Doctors will be quick to tell patients the benefits of going through physical therapy. It helps with all types of issues, especially recovering from rotator cuff surgery. The benefits you’ll receive when coming to MOTION Sports Medicine for physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck include:

Elimination of pain and swelling.
Restoration of range of motion.
Improving your shoulder strength.
Limiting the chances of post-surgery complications.

Contact Us

When you find that you need rotator cuff surgery, don’t hesitate to contact our MOTION Sports Medicine team. Our staff is well versed in applying physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck for situations like this. To begin the process of getting back to full strength, schedule an appointment with us today! F

October is National Physical Therapy Month

Running along waterOctober is National Physical Therapy Month, an opportunity to highlight the benefits of seeing a physical therapist. So what are the advantages of physical therapy? Who is physical therapy for? And what conditions can physical therapy treat?

What is Physical Therapy?

Physical therapy is a form of rehabilitative health aimed to improve one’s functional mobility and quality of life. A physical therapist can perform a comprehensive evaluation and develop a treatment plan typically involving therapeutic exercises and hands-on care. Treatment plans are highly personalized depending on a patient’s goals and health condition. A large component of physical therapy is the relationship between the therapist and the patient, as physical therapy focuses not only on the physical care but the psychological and emotional care as well.

Why see a Physical Therapist?

There are many benefits to seeing a physical therapist. These can include some of the following:

Improving Mobility and Balance: If you’re having difficulty performing certain movements, feel pain during basic physical tasks, or are having trouble staying balanced, physical therapy can address your concerns. A physical therapist can develop a treatment plan to improve your flexibility and range of motion, improve your form when undergoing certain physical movements, discover the root cause of your limited mobility, and explain why your body reacts the way it does in certain situations. If you’re looking to improve your mobility and balance, try MOTION for physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck.

Reducing Pain: Through massages, electrical stimulation, and other techniques, physical therapy can help relieve pain as well as prevent pain from returning. For example, physical therapy can address a lingering injury that has symptoms that aren’t dissipating.

Preventing Injury: Even if you aren’t injured, seeing a physical therapist can still serve as an important form of preventive care. For example, if your work requires you to repeatedly lift heavy objects, a physical therapist can work with you to prevent lower back issues. A physical therapist can also perform an evaluation to see where you are prone to injury. MOTION, a provider of physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck, offers services designed to treat and prevent work-related injuries.

Avoiding Surgery: Surgery is invasive, can require long recovery time, and cause other complications. Surgery might also prevent a patient from attending work and force them to be reliant on others for a substantial time. Physical therapy can often help the body heal and recover from injuries, eliminating the need for surgery. If surgery is still required, physical therapy can improve recovery time.

Managing Diseases or Other Conditions: Physical therapy isn’t just for physical injuries. If you are suffering from arthritis, recovering from a heart condition, or losing feeling in your legs due to diabetes, a physical therapist can develop a plan to treat your concerns. Patients who suffer from neurological conditions such as multiple sclerosis, Parkinson’s disease, or cerebral palsy can also benefit from physical therapy. MOTION, a provider of physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck, offers specific services in neurological rehabilitation that can treat these as well as other neurological conditions.

Finally, almost anyone, regardless of age, physical condition, or stage of life can benefit from the services of a physical therapist. Treatment is highly personalized, and services are offered in a variety of environments, such as schools, hospices, and sports training facilities.

What Specific Conditions Can Physical Therapy Treat?

There are many different injuries and conditions that physical therapy can treat. Here is a list of some specific injuries or conditions commonly treated by physical therapists:

  • Ankle sprains.
  • Bursitis.
  • Carpal tunnel syndrome.
  • Herniated discs.
  • Rotator cuff tears.
  • Plantar fasciitis/heel spurs.
  • Sciatica / pinched nerves.
  • Stress fractures.
  • Tennis elbow.

If you’re suffering from any of these injuries or conditions, consider MOTION, a provider of physical therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck. Our team offers services to treat these concerns as well as many other health-related complications. For more information regarding our various locations along the east coast of the United States, please click here.

How Do You Improve Your Balance As You Age?

Physical Therapy in Carmel, NYAt MOTION Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck, we understand that as we get older it becomes increasingly important to take care of our body. Whether it’s joint pain, weight gain, high blood pressure, or a variety of other health conditions, we must be vigilant as we get older in addressing our health concerns. And one of the most important and often overlooked areas to monitor is our balance.

The Important of Balance

Proper balance plays a significant role in one’s physical health. Everyday physical tasks, such as walking, sitting down, getting up, lifting objects, or other simple movements are affected by your balance. Therefore proper balance serves as a key component of maintaining physical stability and injury prevention. Strong physical balance improves your coordination and ability to quickly react to sudden slips, falls, or changes in direction. It keeps muscles and joints properly aligned and improves core strength. It develops muscle coordination during exercise and can increase athletic performance. Thus proper physical balance is important to monitor as it plays a vital role in one’s health.

Consequences of Poor Balance

Just as there are numerous benefits to proper balance, poor balance can have negative consequences. Below is a list of symptoms of poor balance:

  • Headaches and dizziness.
  • Increased likelihood slips and falls.
  • Increased risk of injury from falls
  • Blurred vision.
  • Change in heart rate or blood pressure.
  • Difficulty walking or maneuvering.

The consequences of poor balance as we get older also become more severe. Poor balance can mean increased difficulty in doing simple physical tasks, and an accidental slip or fall can lead to a serious injury. Proprioception, or one’s ability to understand the orientation of their body in space, is also shown to deteriorate with aging, which means an increased risk of an accidental fall. Thus as we get older, maintaining proper balance is critical to our physical health.

How Do We Improve Our Balance?

Now that we understand the importance of balance, how can we improve it?

Drinking water and eating healthy can help one maintain a healthy weight. Regular physical activity helps muscles react quicker to a sudden movement or change in balance. Stretching can improve mobility and align joints. Yoga can increase flexibility, ease muscle tension, and increase our awareness of our physical movements.

However, sometimes professional help is needed. At MOTION Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck, a physical therapist can work with you to develop a specific fitness plan to address your needs. They can demonstrate different training techniques and guide you through different exercises that can improve your mobility, balance, and posture. Motion PT also provides a unique service called vestibular rehabilitation.

What is Vestibular Rehabilitation?

Poor balance just doesn’t have negative consequences. It can also be a sign of underlying health conditions such as deteriorating vision, vertigo, nerve damage or a neurological disorder, such as a stroke. However, quite often poor balance can be a result of a dysfunction in your vestibular system.

The vestibular system is a set of sensory organs in your inner ear that helps maintain balance and orientation. If there is damage to this sensory system it can lead to difficulty maintaining balance and equilibrium. As we get older, these sensory end organs can deteriorate. Motion PT offers as service to address this.

Vestibular rehabilitation therapy is a treatment program used to treat vestibular disorders. During your first appointment with a physical therapist, a personalized treatment plan will be created to help you gain back your ability to balance properly. Research has shown vestibular rehabilitation therapy is effective in combating vestibular disorders and addressing symptoms related to these disorders.

If you feel you are having trouble balancing and would like to come in for a consultation, please contact Motion PT for Physical Therapy in Bronx Throgs Neck.