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MOTION PT Group is a network of clinics offering physical, occupational, and speech therapy. Here, we have one mission. To improve your mobility, help you feel better, and improve your quality of life.

With clinics throughout Georgia, New York, Maryland, and Massachusetts, our goal is to get you back to daily living with less pain and lasting results. Our team of licensed therapists develop personalized treatments and follow evidence-based practices that lead to the best possible results. Many of our therapists have advanced degrees, board certifications, and are trained in innovative techniques.

Whether it’s physical therapy, hand therapy, or sports medicine… we’ll help you feel better, so you can get back to what moves you.

In The News

MOTION named Official Physical Therapy Partner for Major League Rugby’s newest member

MOTION PT Group, a leading provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy, and Rugby United New York (RUNY) announced MOTION as a multi-year team sponsor and “Official Physical Therapy Partner” for RUNY, the newest member of Major League Rugby (MLR).

The partnership represents the first major sports sponsorship for MOTION in the U.S. and includes providing personalized physical therapy for RUNY players throughout their first three MLR seasons.

“It’s an honor to woPhysical Therapy in Decatur, Georgiark with Rugby United New York, one of the most promising new franchises in American sports,” said MOTION PT Group Chief Clinical Director Michael Fox. “It’s an exciting step parlaying our vast experience working with rugby in New York and with Men’s Eagles, the U.S. Men’s National Rugby Team.”

Fox worked with Xavier High School’s rugby team with fellow alumnus and RUNY head coach Mike Tolkin. Tolkin went on to serve as head coach of the New York Athletic Club’s Rugby Super League and the U.S. Men’s National Rugby Team, bringing Fox with him and solidifying their partnership.

“Coach Tolkin and I have been working together for almost 30 years,” Fox said. “The opportunity to now work with him and Major League Rugby in our own backyard is a real honor for our MOTION team.”

“I am ecstatic to take on the role of head physical therapist for RUNY and develop a support team of therapists to assist with coverage,” said MOTION Director of Sports Medicine Services Ethan Burger. “RUNY embodies New York and unity, and we will put forth our best efforts to keep the lads in one piece!”

MOTION therapists will provide onsite services to the RUNY players at all games and practices as well as at their flagship MOTION Sports Medicine facility in midtown Manhattan.

“We are proud to welcome MOTION as the official physical therapy partner of the RUNY team,” said James English, GM for Rugby United New York. “MOTION is an ideal partner, offering us clinical expertise in rugby fitness and injury prevention as well as access to cutting-edge sports rehabilitation technology and equipment.”

RUNY players have access to MOTION’s groundbreaking sports rehabilitation technology such as TRAZER®, with interactive testing and training programs, and AlterG®, an Anti-Gravity Treadmill™ allowing players to move without pain or interference to natural gait mechanics.

RUNY’s season runs through June, with the first home game on March 15 at MCU Park in Coney Island.

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MOTION Renames New York Clinics Under
MOTION Sports Medicine Brand

NEW YORK — MOTION, Inc., a leading provider of physical, occupational and speech therapy services in the Mid-Atlantic and Northeast regions, is expanding the MOTION Sports Medicine brand in New York State. The company will adopt the MOTION Sports Medicine brand at all of its New York locations.

MOTION has been rapidly expanding in New York by acquiring high quality, founder-owned physical and occupational therapy practices and is now building a common brand that New Yorkers will recognize as a top provider of Physical and Occupational Therapy services.

For more information visit

“We are thrilled to be expanding the MOTION brand in New York and bringing these high-quality clinics together under the MOTION Sports Medicine umbrella,” said MOTION CEO Edward R. Miersch. “We’re proud to be building such a strong family of physical, occupational, and speech therapy professionals in one of the fastest growing healthcare companies in the Northeast.”

MOTION is committed to helping patients save on healthcare costs and improving access to care. It is one of only a few companies to serve as an in-network provider for over 30 commercial insurance plans, Medicare, Medicaid, and EmblemHealth (GHI/HIP), which serves the City of New York employees.

Currently MOTION has over 30 locations in the State of New York, that will be called MOTION Sports Medicine.


Manhattan (Formerly)

  • STAR Physical & Occupational Therapy, 160 E. 56th, New York
  • Bradley & Monson Physical Therapy, 1841 Broadway, New York

Bronx (Formerly)

  • ProActive Physical & Hand Therapy, 2904 Bruckner Blvd., Bronx
  • Westchester Square Physical Therapy, 3202 Bainbridge Ave., Bronx
  • Westchester Square Physical Therapy, 1250 Waters Place, Bronx

Brooklyn (Formerly)

  • Community Physical Therapy, 1818 Newkirk Ave., Brooklyn
  • Metro SportsMed Bensonhurst, 2281 82nd, Brooklyn
  • Metro SportsMed Boro Park, 4911 13th, Brooklyn
  • Metro SportsMed Brooklyn Heights, 27 Smith St., Brooklyn
  • Metro SportsMed Gravesend, 98 Ave. U, Brooklyn
  • Metro SportsMed Williamsburg, 44 Lee Ave., Brooklyn
  • MOTION Lefferts Gardens 710 Parkside Drive, 672 Parkside Drive, Brooklyn

Queens (Formerly)

  • Community Physical Therapy, 96-14 B Metropolitan Ave., Forest Hills
  • Astoria Physical Therapy Associates, 27-17 Crescent St., Astoria
  • Queens Physical Therapy Associates, 69-40 108th, Forest Hills

Long Island (Formerly)

  • Complete Care Physical Therapy, 70 Maple Ave., Rockville Centre
  • Greco Physical Therapy & Sports Performance, 430-7 N. Country Rd., St. James
  • Franklin Square Physical Therapy, 72 Franklin Ave., Franklin Square
  • Suydam Physical Therapy, 2209 Merrick Rd., Merrick
  • MOTION Lawrence 235 Mill Street, Lawrence

Lower Hudson Valley (Formerly)

  • Rye Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation, 411 Theodore Fremd Avenue, Rye
  • Westchester Square Physical Therapy, 1915 Central Park Avenue, Yonkers
  • MOTION Airmont, 327 Route 59, Airmont
  • MOTION Dobbs Ferry, 88 Ashford Avenue, 128 Ashford Avenue, Dobbs Ferry
  • MOTION Monroe, 785 Route 17M, Monroe
  • MOTION New City, 350 South Main Street, New City
  • MOTION Orangeburg, 99 Dutch Hill, Orangeburg
  • MOTION Stony Point, 25 Liberty Square Mall, Route 9W, Stony Point
  • MOTION West Nyack, 2 Crosfield Avenue #422, West Nyack


MOTION is headquartered in New York City and was formed in June 2015. Today, MOTION is responsible for over 750 employees in 85 owned, managed and under LOI locations in New York, Connecticut, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Maryland, Florida, Georgia, and Kentucky. The company is a leading provider of comprehensive physical, occupational and speech therapy for patients of all ages.

Blog Posts

Why Prehabilitation is just as Important as Rehabilitation

Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

When it comes to physical therapy; the service is often highlighted for its benefits towards providing patients who have experienced surgery with a concise road to recovery. For some patients, physical therapy may even serve as a quality alternative for surgery, giving them an opportunity to heal their body without having to undergo an operation.

However, certain injuries may be beyond the capabilities of physical therapy on its lonesome. In this situation, surgery becomes the primary option. Naturally, rehabilitation through physical therapy can still be utilized for proper treatment. But here at Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia; we also want our patients to emphasize the importance of receiving prehabilitation prior to their surgical procedure.

What is Prehabilitation?

When it comes to surgery, patients are often intimidated by the possibility of potential consequences such as functional decline and potential discomfort. Unfortunately, this can inevitably lead to harming the patients quality of life. In order to negate this, we recommend that our patients pursue prehabilitation (prehab). Prehab is the process of implementing a treatment plan that will help to optimize the patient’s physical functionality, allowing them to be more physically capable of enduring the surgery and assisting them in the recovery afterward. The prehab process can often include workout routines such as the following:

  • Aerobic Exercises.
  • Strength Training.
  • Functional Task Training.
  • Cardiovascular Exercise.
  • Endurance Buildup.
  • Personalized Treatment for Individual needs.

Potential Benefits of Prehabilitation

Aside from the clear health benefits that are associated with prehabilitation, it can also pacify the patient by reassuring them. Naturally, the idea of surgery is not an easy pill to swallow for patients and they could be intimidated at the potential prospect of undergoing a procedure. But with the help of prehab, patients will be better informed on what the surgery will entail and also what challenges they will likely face during the prehabilitation process. This can put their mind at ease and give them an avenue to ask questions while they’re attending physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia. Essentially, patients will no longer need to fret about the post-surgical tasks/details since they’ll already have that information on hand. During your prehabilitation, our physical therapists will also be educating you on proper workout routines that can be conducted both before and after the procedure. By doing so, you’ll retain muscle memory of these movements and it should make the rehab process a smoother transition.  

Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

Placing a powerful emphasis on strength and conditioning can better prepare the patient for the procedures that are soon to follow in the near future. Depending upon the area of operation, physical therapists can target this location and help combat any weakness that the area is experiencing. Prehab has become an increasingly popular treatment option for patients to pursue. According to an October 2014 study from The Journal of Bone & Joint Surgery; 77 randomized patients received either prehabilitation four weeks prior to surgery or rehabilitation 8 weeks afterward. The results were able to conclude that “meaningful changes in postoperative functional exercise capacity can be achieved with a prehabilitation program.”

For patients that are interested in learning more about the benefits of prehab; please contact Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia for further assistance. While prehab is a relatively new process, the benefits are substantial. Essentially, patients are giving themselves an opportunity to prepare for the worst and put their mind at ease when it comes to surgical outcomes. Don’t go into your procedure with little to no knowledge of what’s coming, allow Motion Physical Therapy to give you the help you need to get through this difficult time.

Spring Sports Injury Prevention – How PT Can Help

Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

Here in the month of April; the changing weather is accompanied by a fresh, new spring sports season. With the school year winding down, student-athletes are in the midst of hitting the baseball diamond or suiting up for the lacrosse field. This season, our staff here at Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia wants our clients to place an emphasis on making sure that they’ve reached their peak as far as physical conditioning is concerned. When it comes to sports, all athletes are at risk of developing a certain degree of discomfort or even a detrimental injury that can put their season in jeopardy. While injuries are simply the nature of the beast, we encourage our patients to be proactive when it comes to methods for decreasing their risk of complication.

Customarily, physical therapy is often seen as a valuable tool for helping patients combat injury or even prevent the problem from occurring altogether. In the case of athletes; sports, unfortunately, force us to experience common discomforts such as soreness, bruising, and other forms of bodily wear & tear. For a more direct understanding, let’s assess which sports tend to stimulate which injuries (and how physical therapy can help!):

Baseball – America’s pastime is a sport that features many different moving parts. When it comes to injury; pitchers tend to be the most susceptible due to the fact that they must repeat their pitching motion throughout the course of their outing. Often, we associate repetitive motions with being one of the primary catalysts for wear and tear. An increase in wear and tear tends to be followed by injury. For pitchers, they can surely expect shoulder pain as the season winds on, putting them at risk for rotator cuff injury or even surgery such as Tommy John.

How Can Physical Therapy Help?

By receiving physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia; baseball players can expect to be provided with various treatment options that will help keep their pitching arms strong and durable. Our sports rehabilitation services include benefits such as heat/cold therapy, which can help treat muscle soreness that has developed as a result of repetitive motions. Our team also incorporates manual stretching techniques that can help stifle any future complications that may develop over the course of the season. Tendonitis and other forms of shoulder pain are one of the primary discomforts that we treat here at Motion PT.

Lacrosse – Considered the oldest sport in American history; lacrosse is played all over the country and has significant popularity in New York, Connecticut, and Maryland (Conveniently, states in which you can find a Motion PT location). Lacrosse is played by both men and women and features a high-action, high paced, back and forth type of game. In men’s lacrosse, checking and other forms of physical contact are encouraged in order to play proper defense. Unfortunately; this can put players at risk of developing an injury. Other potential stimulants include the sharp turns and cuts that players make in order to dodge would be defenders. Sudden pivots can force us to turn awkwardly and may lead to the development of significant injury or pain in the lower extremities.

How Can Physical Therapy Help?

With the frequent up and down running of lacrosse, it’s imperative that these athletes condition themselves in order to be fully capable of playing an entire game. Thankfully, physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia here at Motion PT can prepare these athletes by making sure their heart and body are ready for these instances. Our physical therapists can create personalized workout plans that will target your conditioning and get you ready for action. In the case of lower body injury, we can also help prevent sprains, strains, and potential ligament tears.

Contact Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia today!

For more information on how we can treat and prevent injury for spring athletes, contact our staff today and let us get you started!

Improving Mobility Through Physical Therapy

Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

Functional mobility is essential for assisting patients who tend to suffer from vestibular conditions and balance disorders. Despite general assumption, fall prevention and awareness is more of a pressing issue than you may presume. Awareness is immensely important for geriatric patients who tend to be more susceptible to suffering a slip and fall. Thankfully, with the help of Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia, we can improve your functional mobility and decrease the likelihood of injury occurring through a slip and fall. If you’re interested in receiving treatment through physical therapy, please contact us immediately. For our readers, please contact reviewing this article for more information on the methods for improving mobility through physical therapy.

Fall Prevention

Capable of creating critical injury at any age, but falls are commonly seen as one of the primary causes of injury in adults over the age of 65. Falls can occur as a result of a wide variety of incidents, but physical therapists cite awareness of certain countermeasures as being an essential aspect for preventing injury. By making patients more self-aware of potential stimulants, injury can be avoided and quality of life will likely be improved as well. Methods that can be incorporated may include the following:

  • Regular appointments with a PT for physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia. Physical therapists can recommend methods for keeping patients safe from falls.
  • Home safety tips and protection, such as improved lighting and being careful near staircases.
  • Appropriate physical activity: this can help keep your body in shape and increase your ability to maintain your balance.

Maintaining Mobility & Motion

As we stated in the prior section, maintaining a healthy balance system is a key aspect that can be attained through physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia. Inability to move freely, without pain, can seriously harm a patients quality of life and make ordinary actions a much more arduous task. Movement is also imperative for physical activity, which helps stay in shape and avoid any form of weight-gain or other health detriments. Without this ability to exercise, you may put yourself at risk for long-term health complications. Being unable to exercise because of a health-related issue can pose a serious problem for patients. Instead of accepting this burden, get yourself right with physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia!

Here at Motion PT, we’re able to treat patients who experience pain or limited mobility. Our methods include techniques such as manual therapy and stretching methods that can specifically target locations on the body that seem to be preventing you from moving properly. We can work with you and tailor our methods to your needs. For the patient, it’s imperative that you explain where the pain is stemming from so that our staff can assess what exercises can be incorporated for treatment. We also specialize in the treatment of vestibular conditions such as vertigo and lightheadedness. Balance problems tend to stem from these conditions, forcing patients to be incapable of moving freely. For these issues; our methods include sensory-motor training and total body strengthening exercises. These methods can help increase stability and give the patient a stronger feeling of control.

Contacting Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

If you or a loved one is unable to move without sensations of pain or feelings of dizziness, get in touch with our staff immediately. Improving mobility through the help of physical therapy is a key component of our primary services that we utilize as a staff. We can help improve your mobility and thus alter your overall quality of life for the better. When it comes to balance disorders, it can often feel as though the complication is never-ending. Don’t force yourself to suffer any longer, contact Motion Physical Therapy today for assistance.

April is Foot Health Awareness Month

Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia

April 2019 is national foot health awareness month (implemented by the wellness council of America) and Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia, is happily making patients aware of certain healthcare measures that can be used to help keep your feet healthy! Maintaining foot health can lead to an abundance of benefits, especially for athletes and runners who are constantly on their feet. With the helpful tips listed out in this article, we’re hoping to increase awareness when it comes to foot health. For patients who are interested in pursuing physical therapy at one of our New York location’s, please click here. Otherwise, continue reading for some useful information regarding the health of your feet!

Helpful Tips

Our staff recommends that you engage in the following actions for helping to keep your feet healthy this April:

  • Proper Footwear: Although it sounds simple, many of us are not consciously aware of the shoes and socks that are having a negative impact on our feet. Remember, wear shoes that allow adequate room/space so that we’re not clenching our toes together. Failing to do so can result in complications such as ingrown toenails and other foot-related issues.
    • Also, flips flops and other flats can be a problem as they typically don’t provide enough arch support. We understand that this may be difficult with summer right around the corner, but keep this in mind regardless!
  • Staying Warm: More of an issue during the wintertime, but leaving your feet unclothed can make them cold and numb. Prevent this by wearing warm, wool socks and refraining from going barefoot, even in the house.
  • Toenail Trimming: It’s rather easy for us to become complacent and neglect to take the time to properly trim our toenails. However, this is another potential catalyst for developing ingrown toenails. Make sure you’re trimming at the correct length and doing so within a healthy time-frame. You should all be trimmed straight across and not digging into the sides of the nail.
  • Daily Inspection: We certainly believe that it doesn’t hurt to offer up a daily inspection of your toes/feet to see if anything has cropped up. Keep a sharp eye out for cuts, blisters, sores, or any swelling. By staying on top of any complications, your treatment could become a much smoother process with early detection.
  • Apply Moisturizer: Your feet tend to be an easily susceptible part of your body for dryness and cracking. Instead of ignoring the problem, get yourself some moisturizer and apply it after exiting the shower every morning. However, refraining from moisturizing in-between your toes as this can lead to infection.
  • Identifying Pain (and Receiving Treatment): Should you be enduring significant, long-lasting pain throughout certain areas of the foot; there could be a larger issue at hand. Commonly, patients cite heel pain as being a primary complication that stimulates radiating discomfort throughout the foot. Should you undergo heel spur surgery and require care afterward, physical therapy in Decatur, Georgia, at Motion PT could benefit you long-term.

This month, don’t take your foot pain lightly! Motion Physical Therapy in Decatur, Georgia, is here to provide patients with expert care and advice. Becoming consciously aware of our feet and their current health can only make your quality of life that much better! With improved foot healthy, we can see improvements in our athletic ability, comfort, and other benefits. Keep the tips from this article in mind should you be searching for methods to keep your feet healthy. Remember, your feet are the engine that keeps you moving, don’t allow them to suffer! For other healthcare related treatments and specialized care, please contact Motion PT today for assistance!

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