Not Sure If Telehealth Is Right For You? See What Our Appointments Are Like!

During these uncertain times, going to see your physical therapist most likely seems like an impossible task. However, MOTION is here to tell you otherwise with our telehealth program: MOTION on the GO! Wonderful news, but you may be asking yourself a few questions.


Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is the use of providing healthcare services remotely through phone consultation or video chat — both of which we offer. With telehealth, get the attention you need in the safety and comfort of your home.


Getting started is simple! All you need is a smartphone or a computer with Wi-Fi. Your MOTION therapist will send an invitation before your virtual visit. Just click the invitation and follow the instructions.

Your virtual visit will be very similar to an in-person one — except you’ll interact with your therapist through your device. She or he will give you the same attention and instructions as if you were in the clinic. You’ll also have access to online resources like exercises you can do between visits.


“I was a bit uncertain how it was going to go but my MOTION physical therapist was fabulous. She worked with what I had in the house. I recommend this to all that cannot get out. Thank you for finding a way to make it work in these crazy times.”
— Sheri

“MOTION on the GO was no different from my in-person therapy sessions. My MOTION physical therapist was just as thorough. I am really happy and amazed that I can continue with my sessions.

Thank you, MOTION on the GO!”
— Karen

“My first telehealth visit with my MOTION physical therapist was great. We were able to see each other very well. As usual, he explained clearly how to do the exercises that he wants to do. There were no distractions from other people. It felt very private and focused. It was really wonderful. I am looking forward to more!”
— Elaine

“Thanks, MOTION PT, for going the extra mile under these troubling times. Opening up the link for my MOTION on the GO telehealth experience was easy and convenient. My physical therapist was very professional and extremely helpful. He was able to see and guide me through every exercise that I did in my house. Thanks for a wonderful experience that was instructive and helpful. Looking forward to my next session.”
— Reginald

“Our first MOTION on the GO visit went very smoothly. I was surprised how well it was received by my 9-year-old daughter. As a parent, it is very reassuring to be able to continue her speech therapy at home during this time of uncertainty. Thanks for offering this alternative therapy method!”
— Jennifer

“It was easy, fun and actually very effective to have my MOTION physical therapist on my iPhone screen. She was observing what I was doing and telling me how to correct my position and keeping me on a schedule of exercise that I wouldn’t have accomplished otherwise. I’m looking forward to our next appointment.”
— Helen


In these difficult and uncertain times, your physical health doesn’t need to suffer. The most important thing about MOTION on the GO is that it preserves the typical session you are used to, all while keeping you conveniently safe and comfortable in your home. If you don’t need to leave your home, don’t take the risk. Try out MOTION on the GO today and see for yourself how remarkably normal your appointment can be for you!


If you’re interested in setting up a MOTION on the GO appointment, feel free to call (347) 745-0122 or log on to to schedule your appointment today. With MOTION, get back to what moves you!