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Confused about which therapy is right for you? You’re not alone. Let’s breakdown the differences between physical, occupational and speech therapy. Each one can help you, depending on the service you need.

Physical Therapy: Focuses on improving the ability to perform movement of the human body.

Occupational Therapy: Focuses on improving the ability to perform activities of daily living.

Speech Therapy: Focuses on treating speech, language, social and cognitive communication, and swallowing disorders.

Why Should MOTION Be Your Top Choice For Senior Care?

Our belief is that senior care should not only involve personalized attention but also direct communication in order to leave a lasting, impactful relationship between client and caregiver.

We encourage our clients to live engaging, independent lifestyles and we pride ourselves in contributing to their overall health and wellness in any way they see fit.

What Are The Benefits of Senior Care?

  • Improved function and independence
  • Reduction of falls and potential injury from falls
  • Boosted cognition and mental health
  • Improved mobility, range of motion, and comfort
  • Heightened awareness of falls and other potential risks
  • Overall, improved quality of life

What Do We Offer Our Clients?

  • Senior Focused Therapies
  • Balance and Falls Resolution Programs
  • Memory Care/Treatment Programs
  • Innovative Technology & Functional Modalities
  • Ambulatory, Gait, and Mobility Programs
  • Strength and Coordination Programs
  • Physical, Occupational, and Speech Therapies
  • Pain Management
  • And More!

MOTION® Senior Living Communities is introducing groundbreaking technology capable of reducing falls and improving coordination.



Coordination/Balance Problems – What Are The Risks?

According to the National Council on Aging, falls are the leading cause of fatal injury in this country, with nearly one in four American adults (age 65+) suffering a fall each year. Due to the risks associated with this trauma, many adults fear the potential danger of falling and therefore refrain from engaging in social activity. Unfortunately, this can lower the overall quality of life, leading to an abundance of complications such as depression, physical decline, and even feelings of helplessness/weakness.

A New Beginning For Fall Prevention

With the assistance of state-of-the-art computerized programming, MOTION is changing the way fall prevention is administered in our senior care communities. Originally intended for the use of professional athletes, TRAZER® is capable of measuring the user’s speed and reaction time with laser technology. Providing valuable insight into the user’s tendency/risk of falling.

What Steps Can I Expect When Working With TRAZER®?

Step 1

  • Our expertly trained staff at MOTION will begin the process with an examination to determine the clients current level of balance/coordination. To help create this initial baseline, a simple balance test will be provided.

Step 2

  • Upon completion of this assessment, clients who are deemed as having a high risk for potential falls will move toward the next step: physical therapy associated with TRAZER®. Working closely with our professionals, clients can anticipate an improvement in strength, coordination, and reaction time.

Step 3

  • Approximately every six months, clients will be asked to undergo another evaluation to help determine their current status and potential improvement. Naturally, speed and reaction time will change throughout the stages of a senior’s life. Understanding these changes through our technology is what sets MOTION apart from any other senior care facilities.

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Eric DeYoung, ND, OT/L, HHP

Kevin Krueger, MS, PT, CSCS