What is Lymphedema? It’s the accumulation of protein-rich fluid in any part of the body, but mostly in the arms and legs. It is typically caused when a lymph node is removed or damaged during a mastectomy. The MOTION PT Team is well versed in Lymphedema and ready to formulate a comprehensive plan designed specifically for you. We’ll help tackle this condition and reduce pain and swelling to get you back to what moves you.

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Lymphedema Treatment

There are four parts to lymphedema therapy.

  • Drainage:
    Manual lymph drainage which consists of a very light, superficial massage focusing on rerouting the lymph fluid from the damaged lymph nodes to the healthy lymph nodes to allow absorption and appropriate processing of the fluid.
  • Bandaging:
    Application of short-stretch bandages that allow increased comfort in the limb when it is at rest and increased compression with muscle activation.
  • Skincare:
    Careful evaluation and treatment of edema results in a prolonged healing time and the area is at increased risk for skin infection.
  • Activity modification:
    Activities to avoid as well as beneficial exercises to perform are both discussed in detail.