What is Telehealth?

Why Has Telehealth Become The New Norm?

Telehealth is a new trend in the healthcare industry, creating an effective way for patients to contact and interact with their healthcare providers anytime, from the comfort of their own homes. Telehealth, also known as telemedicine, is when healthcare providers move their practice to online services. In telehealth, the patient connects with their doctor through telecommunication devices, such as smartphones or computers as opposed to an in-person visit. The use of mobile or at-home devices to connect with your doctor provides many unique benefits, which we will discuss in this article. To learn more about telehealth physical therapy, contact us at MOTION. Presently, we’re offering telehealth for all of our patients due to the ongoing pandemic. If you’re interested in learning more, check out some of our telehealth testimonials.

Benefits of Telehealth

In a traditional appointment, you would meet with your doctor in person and talk to them one on one in their office. This usually requires you to go to your doctor’s office and wait in the waiting room to meet with your doctor. This is especially true with physical therapy, where your doctor works with you one on one to help you overcome your problem. However, with telehealth physical therapy, you get much more freedom and efficiency. Telehealthcare includes benefits such as:

  • Healthcare at your convenience: With telehealth, you can have an online appointment with your doctor or physical therapist whenever you need it at your convenience. If you have an injury or questions, your doctor will be just moments away with the use of your phone or computer.
  • Efficient and time-saving: You won’t have to wait in a waiting room, or visit your doctor’s office. You can set up a meeting with your therapist right in your own home when you are ready for it. From there, your physical therapist can talk to you about your complication, diagnose you, and work with you on some exercise techniques to help treatment.
  • Boost in communication and patient information: In times where you can’t physically go to a doctor’s or therapist’s office, telehealth shines. Even if reaching your doctor physically is not possible, you can still get the help you need and questions answered easily. Additionally, you can get specialized and tailored exercises and healthcare made to help you right from your physical therapist through your phone or computer. These exercises can come with videos or instructions to help you, and if you have additional questions you can just contact your therapist with one click and they can talk to you and help you with what you are working on promptly.
  • These are just some of the key advantages and benefits of using telehealthcare. The added convenience of online health care, with the ability for better communication and more personalized help in your own home, are key points that are drawing more and more people to this type of healthcare. To learn more about this new trend of healthcare, visit our website or call us today!

    Telehealth with Social Distancing

    Due to the pandemic of COVID-19, or coronavirus, social distancing is being used all over the world. The idea behind social distancing is to slow and even stop the spread of the virus and help manage this pandemic. In these times, being able to get the health care you need remotely has grown in popularity. Because of this, telehealth has become a key option for patients and doctors in these times. Being able to get the healthcare you need remotely helps maintain social distancing etiquette. This, in conjunction with all the added benefits telehealth already offers patients, has been a large factor for the growing trend in telehealthcare and has helped make it the new norm. From being a more safe option right now to all the added convenience, personalized care, and additional help you can get online, telehealth might just be the best option for you too! To speak with a physical therapist about telehealthcare, visit us online or call us at 347-745-0122 and see what we can offer you.