From Setback to Success: Kelsey’s Journey of Resilience with MOTION Carmel

woman celebrating graduation

Meet Kelsey, a determined young woman who faced unexpected challenges just months before completing her doctorate. In the midst of preparing for graduation and writing her dissertation, Kelsey’s festive outing to pick a Christmas tree took a painful turn when she slipped on black ice, fracturing both her radius and ulna. The timing couldn’t have been worse.

Seeking immediate treatment, Kelsey underwent a six-hour surgery, resulting in a radial head replacement, arm splint, and sling. Fortunate to have her mom’s unwavering support, Kelsey embarked on her recovery journey at MOTION Carmel’s facility, where she crossed paths with Zach Romanello, her dedicated physical therapist.

Over the course of a year and 79 sessions, Kelsey and Zach formed a collaborative partnership, navigating the challenges of post-surgery rehabilitation. Grateful for Zach’s empathetic and attentive approach, Kelsey highlighted his ability to adapt treatments, making her recovery a personalized and creative experience.

Facing painful milestones with encouragement from Zach, Kelsey learned the importance of patience and perseverance in the physical therapy journey. The entire MOTION team, from aids to interns, played a crucial role in her care. Kelsey appreciated their personalized attention and the supportive environment created by Zach’s leadership.

Reflecting on her time at MOTION, Kelsey emphasized the familial bonds formed with the team, making her feel comfortable and vulnerable during the rehabilitation process. With the collective efforts of her PT team, Kelsey not only completed her dissertation but also started her first job in September, now caring for her own patients.

Zach’s holistic approach left a lasting impact on Kelsey, influencing her own patient care philosophy. She continues to work on her elbow’s strength and range of motion, incorporating exercises recommended by Zach into her gym routine.

Sharing her wisdom with others undergoing physical therapy, Kelsey advises against working against oneself. She encourages finding trustworthy practitioners, allowing others to support during challenging moments. In Kelsey’s words, “Let people be there for you and help through difficult moments.” Her journey with MOTION and Zach serves as an inspiring testament to the transformative power of dedicated rehabilitation and compassionate care.