We’ll Set You Straight. ALL SHOOK UP? MOTION on the GO
Can’t make it to our clinic? MOTION on the GO is a convenient alternative to office visits! All you need is a smartphone, tablet or computer and an internet connection.
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We’ll Help You Get A Grip. NEED A HAND? MOTION@Work
If your employee has been hurt on the job, MOTION@Work can help them on the road to recovery. Our work-injury services can be tailored to organizations of all sizes – no matter how big or small.

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We’ll Get Your Balance Back. FEAR OF FALLING? Wellness@MOTION
Did you know we offer more than just therapy services? Wellness@MOTION is a wellness program that provides you with the tools to achieve – and maintain – peak performance.

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We’ll Tune It Up. PAIN IN THE NECK? MOTION can help COVID-19 Recovery.
If you were diagnosed with the coronavirus, our therapists can help you recover in our clinics or via MOTION on the GO virtual visits.

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We’ll Set You Straight. ALL SHOOK UP?

If you’re experiencing long-term symptoms after otherwise recovering from COVID-19, we are uniquely qualified to help.

Your Recovery Starts Here

We love a good success story – you’ll be one of them.

We believe in empowering our clients to live life in motion. Find out how our services can help you recover from an injury, improve your mobility, or even make you a stronger athlete. With our convenient locations and experienced professionals, MOTION is here to help.


At MOTION, we’ll help you get back to what moves you. Our licensed therapists treat patients of all ages, helping them overcome everything from chronic pain and balance concerns to pediatric conditions and post-surgery problems. Here’s a closer look at our core services for children and adults.

Back and neck pain
Pediatric conditions
Neuropathic pain
…and more

Chronic Conditions

Joint pain
Mobility issues
Sprains, strains, and tears
Tennis elbow
…and more

Sports Injuries

Total joint replacement prehab and rehab
Limited range of motion
Pain and swelling
Tightness and stiffness
…and more

Pre- and Post-Surgery

Carpal tunnel syndrome
Dislocations and fractures
Peripheral nerve damage
…and more

Hand and Upper Extremity Injuries

Eye-hand coordination
Neurological conditions
…and more

Balance and Strength

Balance and coordination problems
Developmental delays
Injury rehabilitation
Motor skill impairments
Sensory processing disorders
Toe walking
…and more




Shot of a young male physiotherapist assisting a senior patient in recovery
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If you have a referral for therapy or have had therapy before and are ready to make an appointment at one of our MOTION clinics, click here to request an appointment and we will contact you to schedule an initial evaluation with an appropriate therapist as soon as possible.

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Not Sure if PT Can Help?

If you are not sure if or how physical therapy can help you, click here to request a 15-minute phone call with a licensed physical or hand therapist to discuss your clinical issue. They can help you determine if therapy is right for you, before you request an appointment.

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