physical therapy near me for pregnancy

Pregnancy and Physical Therapy

Pregnancy can come with some physical discomfort. Our physical therapists who specialize in women’s health incorporate various exercises and treatment methods to help ease the discomfort of pregnancy. Here are a few common complaints we’ve ... Read More
Arthritis Pain In The Summer

Arthritis Pain In The Summer

Studies have found that arthritis pain worsens in colder, wet climates as compared to warmer, drier ones. Although the pain may not feel quite as severe during the summer months, arthritis still requires treatment and ... Read More
Construction Workers

Physical Therapy After Work Injury

Thousands of accidents occur in workplaces each year, many of which are very serious that cause injuries that require immediate medical attention and take a long time to heal and recover from. Being out of ... Read More
people doing cardio exercises

What is Sports Injury Rehabilitation?

With any sport comes the risk of an injury. Sports injuries occur daily and range from minor to major injuries that could keep you from playtime. If you get an injury, it is important to ... Read More
woman in blood flow restriction therapy with physical therapist

What is Blood Flow Restriction Therapy?

Blood flow restriction therapy (BFR) enables individuals to increase their muscle mass and strength while performing a low-intensity exercise. During exercise, a cuff or strap temporarily reduces blood flow to a muscle or muscle group, ... Read More