Five Tips for Healthy Aging

happy elderly couple on bikes

At MOTION, one of our goals is to help all our patients reach their optimum physical health. In honor of healthy aging month, we’re excited to share some simple ways in which you can maximize your health.

  1. Begin or start an exercise program. The CDC recommends most adults get 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week, or 20-30 minutes a day. Feel free to break your workout up into “snack” sized chunks throughout the day. Doing so has numerous benefits, including boosting your heart health and immunity.
  2. Remember to strength train. Your heart is just one of the hundreds of muscles in your body, and cardio isn’t enough to strengthen them. Especially since older adults can lose a small percent of their strength each year, they remain inactive. It’s important to do strength training by lifting weights or performing bodyweight exercises such as squats at least twice a week to maintain your strength.
  3. Practice balancing. Balance tends to decline with age, and with that comes an increased risk of falling. Falls can have immense negative impacts on your physical health. Try standing on one foot if you are comfortable to protect yourself from falls and improve your balance. If not, take a look at our falls prevention program.
  4. Call a friend. Get in touch with a friend or invite them to take a walk with you and check two things off your list at once! Research has linked friendships to increased health in older adults.
  5. Go to your doctor for regular checkups. It’s important to see your doctor regularly to monitor your vitals and any recent changes in your health. They can help prevent or detect disease early on when treatment can be more effective.

If pain or weakness stops you from accomplishing your goals, our team of skilled therapists can help get you back in MOTION.