A Client-Focused PT Practice

By Pat Prescott, MOTION Patient

Today I went to physical therapy at MOTION, and I would like to share with you my experience. I was greeted in their Severna Park, Maryland office with a smile and referred to by my name by the office staff. The waiting area was organized for social distancing and was clean (even in the middle of a major remodeling).

The treatment area was busy with clients and staff. As I entered the treatment area, I was greeted, again, by my name and asked how I was doing since my last visit. My therapist actually listened to my answers and followed up as indicated.

During the therapy session, I could hear staff giving encouragement to clients. Conversations all around the room were light and social with therapists inquiring about families, weekend activities, and the like, while at the same time very professionally and efficiently moving clients through their individualized treatment programs.

Easy access to one’s local office regarding appointments, billing, referrals and clinical matters is a critical component of a client-friendly practice. Also, the personalized component of calling clients by name, knowing their individual circumstances, relating to them in terms they can understand, and trying to adjust appointment schedules are examples of the client-friendly practices at MOTION.

The other component of what makes MOTION such a positive place is the skilled staff who work collaboratively, helping each other as needed. A very skilled Clinical Director excels at setting the tone and guiding all aspects of the practice. Many large companies move professional staff across offices leaving no clinical director on site.

Centralizing systems may be fiscally helpful but when centralization replaces client-centeredness as the primary focus, there is little reason for clients to return and no reason to refer family and friends. As part of a larger company, MOTION Severna Park has maintained a high quality, client-focused practice to which I will return again and again.