MOTION Celebrates Patient Recognition Week: February 1-7, 2020

patient recognition week at Motion PT

It’s National Patient Recognition Week – a perfect time to celebrate our patients! We invite you to share your MOTION story anytime on social media using the hashtag #ChooseMOTION and we will celebrate you!



For years, Erica suffered from crippling arthritis that severely limited her mobility and quality of life. After undergoing total knee replacement surgery, she came to MOTION with fear and trepidation, worried that she would never be able to get back to her way of life before the arthritis.

In just a few short months, Erica has regained FULL range of motion and strength in her knee, with the help and encouragement of her MOTION therapist Micah. Walking further distances than she ever has before, Erica has renewed confidence in her body’s abilities and a new lease on life. You go, Erica!





Frank is an example of someone who never gives up. When we first met him, Frank had pain and instability in his shoulder and was unable to sleep or lift his arm up.

With the help of his MOTION therapists Sijo and Janet, he is now able to put his shirt on, comb his hair, and is gaining more strength and stability every day.

Frank, your can-do attitude is an inspiration to us all! Keep moving!





You may have seen Taurean dancing on Broadway in The Cher Show or modeling on Bravo’s Project Runway. Taurean’s professional dance career screeched to a halt when the adductor muscle in his left hip tore during an audition. Taurean came to MOTION after undergoing surgery.

Working with his therapist Irene, Taurean has been able to regain full mobility and strength in his hip, and he is back to dancing like it never happened. He makes physical therapy look beautiful, doesn’t he?





duaneDuane was in a serious accident in 2017. He started physical therapy with MOTION as part of his recovery and has worked extremely hard since day one.

He has made continuing progress, is able to walk again and has been taking on new and harder challenges.

We’re very proud of Duane!







troyRUNY player Troy partially dislocated his left shoulder during a tackle at rugby practice; the same shoulder he had repaired with surgery back in 2015.

The @rugbyunitednyteam physician prescribed modified practice and PT, which Troy has been diligently working hard on with MOTION. He hopes to regain stability and strength in time for the beginning of the RUNY season.

Keep training hard and playing hard, Troy. We’re cheering for you!





Mike H.

mike hMike is a longtime patient and friend of MOTION. With the help of his therapists, he has made amazing strides in overcoming the challenges of Spinal Muscular Atrophy (SMA). Mike keeps a great attitude and always gives 100% to reach his goals.

He was the first to try our new LiteGait® machine, which enables him to stand and walk with body-weight support.

Mike did so well that we invited him to demonstrate the LiteGait® equipment in our staff training! Thanks for the help, Mike, and keep up the great work!





theodoreTheodore had a stroke at 25 years old. He started OT and PT at MOTION and has made significant progress toward his goal of returning to the gym. Theodore has been working diligently and has improved his core strength and postural control.

He’s now able to hold a 40-second plank and hopes to increase that to 1 minute by the end of February.

We’re so impressed with his dedication, drive, and motivation to get back to what moves him. Keep up the good work, Theodore!






When Joyce started PT at MOTION four months ago, she was unable to walk even half a block due to imbalance/instability and had severe apprehension about falling – even with the help of a cane. She was determined to regain her independence and dedicated herself to her therapy.

A month ago, she had to park three blocks away from an appointment. Although she kept her cane in hand, she surprised herself by being able to walk those three blocks and negotiate curbs without it. That success gave her a lot of confidence and, in turn, helped return her to independence. Keep moving, Joyce. We’ll see you on the block!




kadence cWhen we first met Kadence, six months ago, she was crawling and only using one hand for all tasks. Today, after working with MOTION for OT and PT services to improve her gross and fine motor skills, she’s walking independently and using both hands to do all kinds of wonderful things.

She has overcome many obstacles and achieved so many milestones throughout her journey at MOTION.

We are so proud of her. Well done, Kadence!





Felix has experienced shoulder issues for many years. Since he was under 60 years old, he was reluctant to get a total shoulder replacement. However, nothing else has worked for him. Once he decided to go through with surgery, he wanted to do more than just recover. He wanted to challenge himself to be the athlete he once was. I suggested he try swimming as part of his post-surgery physical therapy, which led to the idea of doing a triathlon. His doctor said “go for it,“ and he did. We chose a race to do together and I trained him to swim. His determination motivated Felix to achieve all the necessary goals of his training at a rapid rate. Everything fell into place. When it was time to race, I did it with him! Helping my clients reach, or even exceed, their goals is one of my favorite things to do. Thanks for trusting MOTION to help you get back to what MOVES you, Felix! – Tony Corso, Clinic Director at MOTION SPORTS MEDICINE.