Pediatric Therapies

Pediatric care is just one of the many subspecialties we offer at MOTION.

Our pediatric team understands every child’s needs are unique. We are compassionate, creative and adaptive to meet the needs of your child. Our results are improved skills, performance and a happier child. At MOTION, we are family-focused and provide one-on-one therapy and group sessions when it is right for your child.

We see a wide range of children from infants through adolescents with mild delays to genetic syndromes, sensory processing disorders, neurological disorders, orthopedic concerns and sports injuries.

All babies learn from experience. It is our job to help babies move to improve learning and self-esteem. We help to enhance mobility, stability and sensory processing so a child can participate effectively at home, school and with their peers.

Things that may seem unimportant or insignificant can turn into long-lasting developmental issues such as torticollis, toe walking and mild delays. If you have concerns about your child’s development, please consult your pediatrician or primary care physician. At your doctor’s request, we will implement a plan of care and treatment protocol for your child. We provide a full range of physical, occupational and speech therapies to work toward achieving family goals.