Do Theraguns Help with Pain?

physical therapist using a theragun on patient with back pain

Massage guns, also known as theraguns, have gotten a lot of buzz lately. They’re all over social media and exercise equipment stores. But can the machines actually help with pain?

A few recent studies show that using theraguns to provide vibration therapy (also known as percussive therapy) can be an effective component in treating low back pain. The theory behind the effectiveness of percussive therapy is that the vibrations reduce people’s perception of pain and produce a thermal muscle relaxing effect through enhanced blood circulation. The studies show that applying a theragun to the low back or hamstrings can help improve low back pain, alongside more traditional physical therapy techniques including exercise and education.

Nicholas Crecco, PT, DPT, a physical therapist in our Rye location, uses theraguns on many of his patients, and says, “Vibration therapy improves muscular strength, power improvement, kinesthetic awareness, flexibility, and reduces pain.”

Many of our therapists use theraguns to help treat a variety of conditions, including low back pain. If your pain is stopping you from doing the things you love, MOTION’s therapists can help get you moving again.