MOTION at the Forefront of COVID Recovery From the Start

With each passing day, we continue to learn more about COVID-19. One of the things that researchers are trying to understand are the long-term effects of infection. Why do some people recover with no issues, while others face symptoms for weeks or months on end?

According to recent research published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), roughly 10% of COVID patients become “long-haulers.” These patients deal with lingering shortness of breath, dizziness and an evolving list of symptoms collectively called Post-Acute COVID Syndrome (PACS).

The team at MOTION is hard at work making sure that recovering COVID-19 patients know we’re with them – for the long haul. As part of Mt. Sinai’s Trusted Rehab Network, MOTION is working closely with this healthcare leader to help patients restore their quality of life.

The comprehensive Post-Acute COVID Recovery program pairs patients with our highly skilled therapists trained in the latest COVID-19 protocols. Together, you and your MOTION therapist will work on a personalized plan to get you back to what moves you. This plan may encompass everything from strengthening exercises to breathing techniques and yoga – all under close monitoring.

“MOTION’s physical and occupational therapists are uniquely qualified to guide patients back to their desired lifestyle and are playing a key role in their recovery,” says Michael Fox, MOTION’s Chief Clinical Director. “We understand the approach required by these patients that result in a gentle progression while avoiding setbacks. We are working closely with Mt. Sinai’s Post-Acute COVID Care team to make sure our patients benefit from the latest information and studies available.”

Our staff has had the honor and privilege to help many patients on their road to recovery, including Nitza. Nitza was recently featured on 60 Minutes with other long haulers: The two-time marathon runner had her world turned upside down after contracting COVID-19, which has sidelined her active lifestyle for months. We’re now working with her to get her back to running form. You can watch her segment on Youtube.

At MOTION, we’re ready to help you for the long haul. To find out more about PACS and to book an appointment with our team, click here.